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It's said that somewhere, hidden from all but the most determined explorers, there is a miniature world where one may go to escape the worries of life. After falling from the sky, you've found yourself in that very same miniature world. But now that you're there, can you ever return home again?

Snorri, the resident Wizard of the miniature world, has told you of a mysterious Tower in the Sky above his shop. Perhaps if you can collect enough Gems, you can reach the Tower, and with any luck, get back home!

Elephantasy is a small exploratory puzzle-platforming game where you play as a tiny Elephant trying to get back to their home. Collect hidden Gems to raise your Rank, borrow Items from Snorri the Wizard, explore a vast and varied pixel-art world, meet a colourful cast of characters, and more! While exploring the miniature world, you'll discover a wide array of unique rooms and puzzles to solve using your Items, all of which give you various abilities; grow vines to reach high places, dash over seemingly bottomless pits, dive into uncharted waters, and lift the heaviest obstacles with ease! But beware; there are also strange and powerful beings in this magical world, many of whom won't give up their Gems willingly! It'll take all of your abilities, wits, and skill to gather enough Gems to reach the Tower!


  • Charming pixel-art characters, items, and environments
  • 350+ unique rooms to discover
  • 6+ Distinct areas to explore
  • A vast assortment of NPCs to meet and talk with
  • 36 Gems to collect, in addition to other secrets
  • Multiple endings
  • 4 Boss encounters (3 of which are optional)
  • Game speed settings, to allow players to set their own pace while exploring

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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Games with named rooms tend to be worth a look, and I found this one fun and charming. It was a little slow until I discovered the speed setting. I sometimes got impatient having to retrace my steps after a misstep, but it's never too far. The very last part seemed uncharacteristically difficult until I realized that was because I had the speed at maximum. I ended up with 26/36 gems.

Review from Steam

Elephantasy is a very interesting game. It's a metroidvania in that you explore this big, interconnected map, and slowly gain more abilities which allow you to explore more of it, but rather than making exploration exciting with combat, Elephantasy fills the world with all these little puzzles. They're mostly pretty simple, I was able to 100% the game without much difficulty despite being practically allergic to puzzles, but there's a great variety in them that keeps it engaging. There's tests of your understanding of the four abilities, charting paths across the world map under certain restrictions, tests of navigation in a couple mazes, cryptic clues given by the world's inhabitants, and a couple really clever interactions between the game's systems...
Really, exploring in Elephantasy is practically one giant puzzle, and uncovering more of the world map feels a lot like completing a jigsaw. And much like a jigsaw there's this brilliant arc to it all, where you go from just trying to piece together what you can at the beginning, to filling out everything once you have the tools to do so, and then (if you're going for 100%) finally finding and putting those last few pieces in place. I was a little worried I'd come up one gem short at the end and have to scour the map looking for it, but Elephantasy has just enough clues that reaching 100% shouldn't be too difficult. And I do recommend it, this is the sort of game that deserves to be seen through to the end if only because of how charming and enjoyable it all is.
If you're looking for a more thoughtful sort of game, where you might find pencil and paper more useful than quick reflexes, I highly recommend Elephantasy.

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