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Eden Island

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About the game:

You will survive as a survivor on an island in the South Pacific, a beautiful and mysterious tropical paradise with a rich ecological environment and a variety of magical animals.

Cut down trees, collect resources, build your own home, hunt, grow crops, you can collect resources to trade with the aborigines, and you have to avoid ferocious beasts in the rainforest. In addition to tropical animals, you can also see animals from all over the world, because Ships carrying animals ran aground on this mysterious island, so you'll find animals from all over the world surviving and thriving on this island, you can even fight kangaroos and meet giant pandas in the bamboo forest.

What magical animals and interesting things will you meet in this mysterious island of Eden? Come and explore!

Game Features:

  • Building system: Freely build various walls and furniture to create a warm home

  • Farmingsystem: plant various crops

  • Trade system: You can trade with the aborigines on the island, sell your prey and collected mineral resources, etc., and buy weapons and living materials from them

  • Multiple Archive Management: Archives with different names can be saved, and archives can be loaded as needed.

  • Day and night cycle weather system: real-time dynamic weather, realistic 3D volume cloud sky, wind system, thunderstorm, sunny, cloudy weather changes naturally, such as immersive.

  • Characters: Human characters, a variety of land and sea animal AI, High quality and realistic models and animations

  • Plants: High precision tropical plants, realistic natural wind simulation

  • Ocean: Dynamic and realistic ocean water simulation, with a rich and beautiful underwater ecological environment, and a variety of peculiar marine animals.

  • Caves: You can explore mysterious underground caves
PS: Why are there giant pandas and animals that do not belong to the tropics: A plane transporting giant pandas and other animals crashed on this island, and the animals survived and thrived on the island!
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

I understand why there's a lot of negative reviews for the product, but I'm going to give it a Positive Review because I feel most of the issues people are having can be fixed in the next 30-60 Days. However if it is not better by Winter then I'll have to change this to a Negative Review. Hopefully the Dev does listen to feedback. Also I only play Single Player mode so I can't speak to the Multiplayer Experience. That being said, lets go over the game's pros and cons:
Looks Great, really interesting and beautiful selection of animals
Crafting and Gathering is entertaining and you get better at doing things with experience points
Easy to understand menus and item descriptions
-Starting Area Animals are a bit nonsense. You get attacked randomly by certain animals right at the start, sometimes they ignore you and sometimes they want to kill you. Its not a "Aggro Range" thing either. Also the animals are pretty buggy in combat and walking backwards while striking kills most things safely
-Starting Area has a Trader you can utilize but the Prices need serious rebalancing. Also its kind of strange you crash on a airplane and there's no dialogue or "Help me I'm stranded" nor is there any mention of the airplane on the beach
-Most of the Assets are default but hopefully the Dev actually customizes them in the next couple of months (Instead of most other games that just use default assets and never change them)
-Character starts in their underwear but has clothes to wear in their inventory... kinda strange unless this is a weird Thirst Trap for some unfortunate demographic of the gaming community
-Resource Drop Rates need to be adjusted and hopefully will be balanced better going forward
Lastly I will say I purchased this game for $9 with the Sale but I wouldn't recommend anyone buy it for more than $10 in its current state.

Review from Steam

Eden Island is a follow up to My Island. This is a open world, survival game with a little bit of horror. “Why does it have horror?” Because there are spiders the size of Volkswagens and I hate spiders with a royal passion. Other than that, this is a decent game for early release. I have over 22 hours all ready and I haven't really explored the rest of the islands for there are quit a few different items you can craft and many weapons you can use. I been testing out each one to see which weapon is the strongest.
Decent animations
Graphics are good
Fairly simple controls
Open world
Numerous items to craft
The developer is actively improving the game
No story (Yet)
The animals tend to stay in one place
Pet Peeve
Giant spiders
I have to get this out right away. I don't typically review a game this early. I tend to really dig deep into the game before I render my opinion of it. Eden Island will be an exception. “Why?” I looked at the reviews left so far and I have to say, some of them are very unfair. On review had the gall to say “Another quick cash grab” when they only played it for less than 15 minutes. “Really? You spent less than 15 minutes playing and you come up with that?” Don't pay any attention to any review when they have less than an hour playing time.
The developer is actively improving the game. One of the updates broke the storage boxes and erased everything I had in there but the dev immediately fixed the issue. I expect the game will continue to get better and better. Just like “My Island” improvements will come, but it does take time, so be patient.
One of the things I liked about Eden island is the fact that the 'aggressive' animals are not aggressive all of the time... just like in real life. The was one of the things I didn't care about “My Island”. In that game, as soon as you are in range, the animal will charge you and attempt to kill you. In this game, not so much. Some times they charge (I'm assuming if they are hungry or you are pissing them off) other times, they won't. Another thing I liked is that food will spoil... just like in real life. “Why is this a plus?” Because this adds a certain realism to the game. There are several things I like about this game but I'm going to be brief so lets move on.
At this point, the only real criticism I have about this game (keeping in mind that this is early access) is the giant spiders. Again, this is a pet peeve but still... there are no spiders the size of the ones in this game in real life and in case you haven't guessed yet, Yes I have arachnophobia. My Island does have scorpions but they are small... like if real life, but here... the spiders here... *shudders*.
At the time of this review, Eden Island was selling for $14.99. Given the amount I spent on it and the amount of exploring I have yet to do, this game is well worth the cost.

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