Early Quest 2

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After the events closing Early Quest, let’s follow Weiry on her new adventure as she explores the new world she happened to be in!

She discover secret places, many activities including fishing and gathering, she experiences hunger and meets many different monsters!

In this new adventure you will explore new islands, each with specific characteristics, hidden places, local fauna and vegetation, different materials to be collected by cutting down trees or rocks.

Discover the villages of the natives and expand your knowledge of the history of the place.

Let yourself be overwhelmed by events and go your own way…

Discover the special functions available:

Every game is always different thanks to the random generation of the elements on the map!

Survive as much time as possible by taking into account the days that pass thanks to the day / night cycle!Live every game as if it were the first!

The future of replay value is here!

In each new game that you start the items will be randomly generated on the map!

Trees, rocks, herbs, other miscellaneous objects and all the monsters you may encounter will always be a surprise!Power up your spells!

With the magic enhancement system, get stronger and stronger as you fight!

Use your spells to level them up, or find someone more experienced to teach you!Become the most powerful Handyman Wizard in the world ?!Cut trees, collect herbs, break rocks, fish and live to improve!

Thanks to daily actions you can reach unimaginable heights of power!

Every time you level up in the trades you get bonus stats in return!

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