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Along your journey, you'll meet every sort of character, from fisherman to quartermaster. Uncover guild motives, and make an impact because every choice shapes your reputation in the world. Explore unique areas and find special weapons to enhance your effectiveness.


  • Stealth

    Stealthily approach enemies, making sure not to be seen or heard. Some weapons like knives have a stealth damage bonus that makes quick work of your foes. You can also create distractions by throwing anything you find.

  • Ranged combat

    Some enemies are best dealt with by bow and arrow, or anything sharp that you can throw, others by explosives.

  • Melee combat

    At your disposal is an assortment of swords, knives, and maces for close range encounters - dealing damage, and successfully blocking incoming swings will give you a powerful adrenaline bonus that increases your mobility and damage output.

  • Puzzles

    Keep an eye out for secret areas and locked doors, you never know what you might find.
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