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After the apocalypse... The civilization like we know has come to an end and the few survivors have to fight each other. These are hard times in the wasteland! In this POST-APOCALYPTIC EXTRAVAGANZA, you have to make quick tactical decisions if you want to survive! You are the nameless heroine! A vicious assault in the wasteland has hit you hard. Without your memory and hopelessly outnumbered you go on your crusade, fighting your way to your tormentors to take revenge. When you don't act carefully, tactical and clever, you won't stand a chance! During this adventure, it will occur to you that not only your own fate is on the stake but much more... The long-awaited story campaign contains 16 missions with a playing time of around 10 hours and tells an emotional story.
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Isometric combat with cooperative and online PVP. It's a Fallout style world with fluid combat. It has a single player campaign, and skirmish modes that you can play solo. There are player and dev made maps. I summarized my thoughts at the end of my video here if you'd like to learn more.

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Review from Steam

Completed the tutorial, started the Campaign and . . . it's a blast!
Ignore the old reviews - it has a Campaign, Skirmish Mode, Editor, a wealth of graphics settings, adjustable difficulty and it's FUN.
No, it is not voiced by the cast of Game of Thrones and the story is not deep and meaningful.
Highly recommended.

Review from Steam

Story is to short. But game has huge potencial, its reaqlly close to fallout tactics and wasteland mix. With greater story line it could be game changer.

Review from Steam

Really enjoyed the game, had a lot of cool ideas. Gameplay was fun! So many cool ideas in one game! Building, crafting, survival, puzzles, map building, chr creations, i can go on and on! The ONLY thing I see being a hender to the game is not easy to move the map easily.

Review from Steam

Genre - Post Apocalyptic Isometric Tactical Combat
Similar to - Fallout Tactics
Level editor included to create missions and content, integrated with Workshop.
Even the tutorial was packed with fun and humour.
A game filled with action

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