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Build a heroic hamlet that warriors and merchants can call home!

Welcome to an epic RPG world in which the town you build can grow from humble hamlet into a mecca for the land's most ambitious adventurers!

The enterprising warriors that stop by your blossoming burg will defeat monsters and earn you money. Conquering dungeons and clearing out hordes of monsters will bag you loot to stock your shops. And if your hamlet flourishes, adventurers will want to set up house and settle down!

Build training facilities like Combat Schools and Magic Labs to hone your heroic denizens' skills and boost your village's Popularity. The more faces that flock to your cause, the bigger the baddies you can beat!

Fulfill certain conditions to rise in rank. This improves the selection of products in shops and allows you to take on more advanced quests.

An all-new "Cauldron" feature also allows you to test your alchemic expertise. Toss items obtained from quests or shops into the Cauldron and your armory might receive a rare addition.

No dungeon is too deep! Make your village the crown estate of this bold RPG narrative!


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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Warning: This game is around 10 years old and ported from mobile to PC.
It has clunky game play and UI, very touch screen controls and very little to none optimization.
However I love this game, I have played it on mobile years ago.
It is very charming town building sort of game. Game play is minimal. You build new buildings, wait score to go up, unlock new buildings. Give your adventurers orders, however you don't control them manually.
I do recommend it, but be warned it is old game and a mobile port.

Review from Steam

First up, Its got some big issues and you need a controller to play it.
Its Keyboard/Mouse support is utter garbage.
There are annoying issues like not being able to name ur town / people.
But these are things that will only hit you at the start of trying to play this game.
Once your past these problems the game actually starts to work.
Skipped naming my stuff and plugged my controller in.
Your essentially managing a little town / a group of heroes.
As your profits grow,
so to do the heroes that come to your town,
so to does your town size,
so to does the buildings you have access to.
I've got only a few hours so far but i'm enjoying sending my hero squads out to fight ever increasing monsters.
As you progress you draw the attention of some Cute little dragons. (this is essentially the whole story part of the game that I've seen so far)
Once your heroes hit the max level of their Job/Class they can than jump into a new job/class and start leveling over but with the stat increases of the old job/class. They ever grow stronger and every item you find in dungeons/treasure boxes goes into your shops for your heroes to buy or for you to buy and gift to them in order to make them stronger.
TLDR - Games got some early problems that I hope get fixed sooner rather than later.
If you don't have a controller avoid this till they patch Keyboard/mouse controls.
However if you have a controller, the game is actually a fun little time waster.

Review from Steam

The Elephant in the Room: The Issues
I originally wrote a > 8000 character review for this game. I had so much to slam it for that I discovered the character limit of Steam reviews. Did you know there was a character limit? I didn't.
To sum it up: overpriced, buggy, horrific performance, and a lack of even the most basic graphics/display features (no fullscreen toggle, no frame syncing options, no frame limiting options, no resolution or refresh rate options, etc).
So, why change my recommendation? Because it's still enjoyable. I used to play this game a LOT on mobile almost a decade ago, so I know I love the gameplay. You just need to look past the jank. So, I gave the PC port one last solid try and once I got back into the groove of things, I actually started enjoying the game again.
Is it overpriced? Compared to the identical mobile versions, yes. Is it buggy? Well, people couldn't name their characters or towns (literally the first thing you do) for a few hours because of how the text box was implemented. A patch had to be released... to solve a bug you will find literal seconds after launching the game. Is performance really that bad? When your decade old, pixel art mobile game runs at what feels like 15 fps on an RX 580, yes. Yes, it really is that bad. Especially when the game provides no graphics/display features to help with poor performance and/or poor frame pacing. There's a "Priority" option (graphics vs. performance), but it looks and performs exactly the same on both settings. BUT does the PC port still keep the soul and the fun of Dungeon Village? I would say yes. And for me, that's enough.
My personal recommendation for most people is to buy it on mobile, though. Even with the launch discount on Steam, the iOS version is less than half of that price for the exact same content (at least what I've observed so far). The Android version is $2 more than the iOS version for some reason, but that's still nearly half the price of the PC version. Same game. Less problems.
It's a city building simulation game. You start with a small town and a few adventurers. As adventurers in your town pay for goods/services, slay monsters, and complete quests, you'll collect resources for improving your town. You can gift adventurers items to help them and raise their satisfaction stat, which I believe is evaluated to determine if an adventurer wants to move in a house or not. You can hold events and complete quests to increase town popularity. There are so many compounding game mechanics to talk about, I could talk forever. Basically, the fun comes from the creativity of building your own town, interacting with its people, increasing its population, managing resources, and maximizing efficiency. If that sound like fun, this is probably your jam. I haven't played an insane amount of these kinds of games, but this is the most fun one I have found. I keep coming back to it even years later. It can be pretty relaxing. It's a good game to play late at night when I just want to lean back and chill.

Review from Steam

Once upon a time, far far away in 2010 mobile games didn't look like a 10-year-old drew them, didn't require a monthly subscription, and didn't ask you to buy a 99$ pack to continue playing. Then Kairosoft launched their first game and slowly build a cute simulation game pixel empire.
The gameplay is very simple and casual, the game will handhold you to understand the basics and then leave you to do your thing and play however you like. It's a simple management game where I'm honestly not even sure you can ever die. But it's fun, tons of fun, and goddamn it if it's not addicting.
Look-wise, pixel art ages like wine and Kairsofot games all share the same pixel art style that looks absolutely adorable, if you love game boy era graphics you will feel right at home. The sound is also old and game-boy-ish and fits the theme nicely, it's really repetitive though, and nothing to text your friends about.
Overall, if you want to try out an adorable management sim game on the side of other stuff, jump right in, this game is simple and fun and will keep you coming for more. If you want to read more about the game's mechanics check out my tiny gameplay guide at:

Review from Steam

Neutural. 4.5/10.
** This game is a mobile game ported to PC.
Kairosoft is an indie developer that mass-produces mobile-specific management simulations. It's a fairly minor genre, but the game series continues because it has a strong fanatic base.
The gameplay style is similar to the idler (Not Clicker), which is available for free on Steam. These genres have minimal user intervention to progress the game, resulting in low fatigue.
However, it consists of repetitive, uniform, and monotonous content. In this genre, even seeing the ending requires a lot of money and time. The good news is that Kairosoft games don't require huge amounts of money and time. So, it is not an exaggeration to say that this game was borned for time-killing.
There is one thing more you need to consider. The quality of game is located between free games and paid games. A little more refinement could make it a worthy game, but the developer seem to be focusing on mass production of the game rather than that. Considering Japan's 'black company' culture, it is easy to understand why this conclusion was reached.
Anyway, My conclusion is that Kairosoft games aren't cheap, but it's worth playing at least once if it suits your taste.

Review from Steam

Brainless mobile game ported to PC thats actually fun, if you just wanna turn of your brain a bit.
worth the money at least if you like easy civ building and resource managment.
I just wish someone would make a game similar to this with simply more of everything, bigger building area
better graphics, more resources, story and so on. It is a silly little straightforward brainless fun game.
if you are looking for challange or gripping story that moves you to tears? then this isnt for you.
If you just wanna spend a few hours not thinking about anything really and just have mindless fun then this will be straight up your alley.

Review from Steam

Campaign for Courageous Audiences
Another fantasy game from Kairosoft where you build a village of adventurers and send heroes out to defeat monsters to make your name. The main gameplay is city building to attract adventurers from all directions to your town. To build a reputation and make your city famous. You will have to build buildings to accommodate adventurers for example, there is a shop selling weapons, armor and various items. for use in preparing to go out to fight with these monsters There is a tavern to rest. Restaurants and accessories that will add charm to the city. which the selection of building constructions of various types Pairs also give bonuses to different areas. You can also develop various buildings. can be obtained by using items found in the game
As for fighting monsters The game will automatically control the brave to go out to fight. You will not have direct control. But it can help them indirectly by building various facilities. As mentioned at first Or use the gifting as a new weapon or armor. This will allow the heroes to have better stats. When the brave continue to fight will be promoted Life force will increase. making it able to fight high-level monsters and if they win Your village will also receive Fame Points. As a result, it attracts new types of warriors and heroes, as well as unlocking new monsters. added as well You can also develop various buildings. can be obtained by using items found in the game This will increase the special ability of the building. Village events can be organized in various formats. to increase the attraction of more people to use or live in the city, etc.
The main disadvantage of the game on PC is probably the UI and cursor that tends to get stuck on the screen. Since the original it is a mobile game that focuses on using touch screen to play, when it comes to the PC that uses the mouse to operate. So it felt awkward and uncomfortable. Whether scrolling the screen that can use the keyboard, but still feel a bit sluggish Fortunately, the game allows you to zoom out quite a distance. As for the soundtrack itself, it may feel that it's easy to repeat, looping back and forth a bit. If you understand that it's actually a quoted mobile game. This should not be a complaint.
The fun of this game is the development of the brave. Develop a village and keep an eye out for various monsters. The gameplay of the management is still unique to Kairosoft, which guarantees that if you like other games from the company, this is another game that will make you forget the time.
++ Management gameplay that combines an RPG that is fun to play, fun to play, supports an ultrawide screen called Kairosoft, guarantees a soul-sucking gameplay.
+/- It's not a new game. And it used to be a great mobile game from years ago.
- No achievements to collect

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