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Dungeon Runner XZ

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Dungeon Runner XZ is an RPG dungeon crawler game focused on single-player grinding to be the best and fastest dungeon runner.

After its release, we plan to update the whole year with new small and big updates that will make the world much bigger. And a lot of new mechanics that will come to the game in the upcoming year after the release.

As you all can see I'm using RPG Maker MZ, why use this development program than the other ones out there.

There is a good reason because this program is so powerful with what you can do with it and I want to show the world, it's the best program for the type of game I want to create a 2D game in the old school type that people will enjoy for years to come.

Dungeon Runner is based in a Hub city's and from there you will choose your quests and dungeon runs. There will be a lot of Game mechanics when the game is released.

  • Quest System

  • Party System

  • Class change system

  • Fast pace interacting Battle system

  • AI Monster system

Special Weapon and armor Craft System, The game will also have a special craft system that will LVL per craft even after Max LVL this will mostly be used in the postgame.

And much More!
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Fun game, has room for improvement . People complaining about not being able to beat 1st area/boss are idiots. Exp grind is a bit boring/repetitive, and could use more clarity on some parts of game. But over all it’s fun, and will hopefully only improve

Review from Steam

First, this is free-to-play/try. I'm not entirely sure how the DLC works yet (I haven't bought it), but it looks like you can grind for what you would buy.
The world is a hub/dungeon mechanic, which I like. Gameplay generally involves manually doing harder battles until you can automatically complete easier ones. The game includes animation settings and an auto-battler, so I turn off animations and turn on auto, and zip through battles. There's a -lot- of grinding involved, and that makes it bearable.
The general feel of the game is definitely early access. Most maps feel empty, and there are only a few points of interest. The level up, item, enemy, and class mechanics are still in flux. The developer is adding content, however, and is responsive to bugs (check out discord!).
So, I think it's worth a try, if not now, then later when more content is added. :)
Note that at the time of this review, in order to beat the first battle, I had to grind in the tutorial first. I generally stopped at level 25, once I unlocked my first class stone.

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