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Dungeon Maker

Dungeon Maker is a multiplayer application/game to bring your tabletop fantasy role-playing online. Dungeon Maker is designed to work best with the Dungeons and Dragons 5e ruleset, though no content from DnD is included with the game.

With Dungeon Maker you can design Characters, Enemies, and NPCs, and set their portraits which will be shared to all players in the game.

Dungeon masters can use the Campaign Designer to create a world map for your campaign, and host this campaign to any players without having to have players download the maps.

A continually evolving and robust Map Maker will let you create encounters and areas for your players to explore. These maps and encounters are hosted purely by the Dungeon master, so anyone can join without downloading the campaign.

Campaigns are hosted over the internet using Steamworks, by IP, or by LAN. Let your play group join you from anywhere. Steamworks provides easy to use multiplayer with player invites, and simple connections to anyone in your friends list. If you want to go the IP route a video tutorial for multiplayer by IP can be found on the Tavarin Games YouTube channel:


Players can see the world, interact with NPCs and enemies, and roleplay to their heart's content.

Dungeon Masters can switch between maps and encounters, control enemies and NPCs, move players, and control the game.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Very cool game cant wait to see the updates coming, and is coming in handy to build my smaller maps. :)
Would recommend and have done.

Review from Steam

Day 1 EA review.
Lots of promise. A number of core features in map, both in map-making, and character creation. There are a few notable bugs/issues, but nothing out of the ordinary for a day 1 Early Access title.
But as far as map creation, I love the simple but effective campaign map creator, layered directed over the encounter-map creator. Great start!
Greatly looking forward to seeing where this app goes!

Review from Steam

It's really solid for a game in early access. It is easy to use and the style is somewhat cute, though not great by any means.

Even though you don't have many options for floors, wall and decorations, you can still (probably) build whatever you want.
I reccomend this game mostly because of its accesibility and the hope that it will greatly improve as time passes.

Review from Steam

A very early review having messed about for a bit. I found this much easier to get going with than other map editors, good start for early access at a very reasonable price. Much support to the Dev this could be an amazing tool if it gets the interest it deserves.