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Drone Tinkerer

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Drone Tinkerer is your drone racing and fighting experience.

Based on the imagination of near-future technology, we have created for you a world to explore and challenge opponents in exciting races.

With constant upgrades and modifications, create your one-of-a-kind drones, win more races and explore more corners of the city that can't be reached.

You can pursue the ultimate speed and ultra-lightweight to leave all opponents behind, wear heavy armor and spikes to come out on top in a melee, carry small homing missiles and blast all enemies in front of you, or just a piece of art combining cool looking mods and exhibit it in your garage. It's all up to you.


In this city full of mysteries, there are too many incomprehensible events and formidable opponents. Defeat them, gain stronger boosts and mods, get more reputation, discover the top and bottom secrets of this world and find your real self.


A huge and strangely mega-structure made as a conglomerate of steel, full of billboards and advanced technology, a bottomless pit full of drones that seems uninhabited. What secrets are hidden behind all this? What kind of roles are given to humans and drones in this unexpected reality? Get ready for your next challenge in Drone Tinkerer.


Drone Tinkerer world is full of resources that you can find, collect, win or purchase. Use them cautiously to unlock new upgrades for your drone and don't forget to look for the blueprints as well.

Drone Tinkerer is an open-world racing game with many RPG elements. In a sci-fi world full of secrets, defeat your racing opponents with speed or weapons, modify your unique drones with hundreds of upgrades, and experience mini-games and riddles to keep getting stronger to discover the truth.
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