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Drone Combat

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Group up with friends or randoms, pick your loadout and start attacking the opponent's base in this simple drone themed top down red vs blue arena game. Use strategy to out play your enemies or try to brute force them into submission.

Over time you will level up and unlock cool engines to set you apart from the scrubs!

The goal of the game is to destroy the enemy base and this can be achieved by controlling the hill in the map center, defeating AI and collecting upgrades, or defeating the mini boss(Thus summoning them to your team as an AI attacker).
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

I like that I can fly around and destroy stuff XD. May favorite loadout so far is Marksmen class with the Far Sight. I just unlocked some spiral looking rotors or whatever you call em. Tis cool. I feel like this'll get intense if theres a bunch of people playing multiplayer.

Review from Steam

It's a great top down game that really reminds me of old school games with some modern twists.

Review from Steam

Review from Steam


Review from Steam

awsome note: play with admins xd

Review from Steam

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