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◆Story Description:

One day, the succubus saved the boy who was attacked by a monster.

They found each other like magic girls, and hit it off, the boy also learned magic from the succubus.

After many years the boy grew up and became a good magician.

When the boy became a recognized magician, he went to visit the succubus to thank her.

But he did not see the succubus, and she only left a magic wand in her place.

Years later, the boy has grown up and become a first-class magician.

One day a request was received.

"The succubus Queen has announced that she will rule the world, and I hope you can defeat her as soon as possible.

The magician accepted the request and went to the legendary castle where the succubus Queen was located.

In front of him was a shield set up by the Queen of succubuses.

The magician saw the shield and froze for a moment.

This shield I have an impression .......

Is the shield which the "succubus" is very good at .......

◆Game play:

◇This is an action game, and that will have an exploration element that allows you to find some props in the map that are beneficial to the game.

◇If you are defeated, there will be erotic scenes of the woman on top by succubuses' female.

◆Game Features:

◇It is an action game in which the player explores the castle by defeating the succubus while moving forward.

◇There are set exploration maps and memory rooms.

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