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About the GameI, Naoto Miyaguchi, a single, straight, neet hacker in my late twenties, had invented an amazing machine, the Dream Machine.

Although it looked worn out like an antique piece of junk in a junkyard, it could receive dream signals and process them to restore the details of the dream worlds, enabling me to observe the dreams of others!

If that was all it could do, that wouldn’t be much use of it. The point was that by deciphering the dream key, it could create an interference signal that affected the dream world, allowing me to interact with the dream world and to actually enter it.

So at the age of 29 but still a virgin, I didn't hesitate to go on this quest to find a beautiful girls’ dreams...

A series of amorous adventures began there.◆Game Features◇Female characters with different temperaments

◇Live 2D animated CGs that can be controlled freely, including a variety of sex plays, giving you a variety of experiences

◇Unique typing match game with
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

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- 1/8 teaspoon ground cloves
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Review from Steam

Game Length: 2Hours Gameplay Wise, the rest VN wise
Story: A bunch of different skits
Gameplay: Kinda like Puzzle Block Fighters, Bejeweled, HuniePop...except you consume HP when using pink colored blocks...and u restore HP when using yellow colored blocks. When using any colored block, they have an archetype, for example a pink block with a Tie and a pink block with a Shoe....if you use the Tie, you will break all the Pink + Tie Blocks. You don't vs any other player, its just a solo puzzle game where you use the Pink Blocks to fill the meter to 100%. The game difficulty can be varied by your own pace. You want to speed run, it will increase the difficulty. You want to move at a fast but winnable rate for normal difficulty, and you can chop off all different Pink Blocks except for 1 to continually win at a secured rate.
Art: Great! Uncensored! 1 flaw, no auto mode, you have to manual scenes for any kind of activity during the events.
Grand Total: Very Good!
Highly Recommend this for Players who like puzzle games and block fighters....really short game so great access to the goodies! Flawed events/cg because no automode. Everything is done by manual point click hold drag. Other than that, scenes look great and art is pretty good! Grab this fun little game now or get it later not missing much.
EDIT* A patch was issued and allows for Automatic Mode during events/cg now!

Review from Steam

Game hasn't works for me yet, but at least devs reacted to critical bug pretty fast.

Review from Steam

This game's H scene is as good as big names like Wish, Mirror, and Glass.
Better than Wish in that it has an auto mode
Better than Mirror in that it you have more free control to decide what you want to do
Better than Glass in that you can interact with the character
animated, voiced, good art, simple mini game = must buy

Review from Steam

Update: Game is working now after Emergency update.
Quick, but fun to play - screams for a DLCs with more story and characters.
At this moment game is literally unplayable, as you can't event Start it from the menu.
Please fix the scenes and code in your Unity project XD

Review from Steam

Nice game....

Review from Steam

Hack the dreams of girls to get access to influencing it and engage in 11 great sex scenes with more planned updates along the way. You'll definitely get your money's worth in this surprisingly unique and user-friendly game!
+ You can draw on the girls ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
+ Amount of user control is great
+ Gallery allows you to repeat any of the 11 (current) scenes
+ Sex scenes are heavily interactive and very well done
+ Cute girls and plans for future additions!
- Some of the words aren't fitting to the object they represent
- It isn't clear what the word customization is for or how it works
- Dialogue progresses on its own, which can be an issue
--- Overview ---
The year is 2047. You, Naoto Miyaguchi, own a headset capable of entering and witnessing the dreams of others utilizing the correct frequency of the type of person you're looking to peep in on. But in order to get interact with the dreams, you must hack the system and allow yourself to become truly a part of the dream itself. It's time to hack!
Dream Hacker is a game that sees you typing the names of objects in order to pass a score threshold and allow you to access the dreams of five women for your own pleasure. Whether you choose to dominate them for your own pleasure or help them to get rewarded by them, the end goal is very much the same: if you screw in the game, you screw for real.
--- First Impressions ---
Upon opening the main menu, the first thing I noticed was... silence. There just isn't any music on the title screen, leaving you with silence. The main menu itself is really well done stylistically. You get a view of the five main girls that actually have scenes, "DO NOT ENTER" security tape crosses the screen so you get gist that you'll need to break down some barriers to get into their dreams, and a set of options along the right side of the main menu tell you that there's access to a gallery, settings, the ability to in some way customize words, and a Steam workshop that thus far only seems to add additional objects for you to type.
On the main menu, you get a set of stat trackers as you play, such as how many new words you've discovered, how many old ones you've typed, your percentage of correctly-typed words, and a couple of others. It's a neat stat-track page although I would have loved there to be a universal option instead of only a daily one so I could perhaps see what my overall correct percentage ratio was.
You get two difficulties: normal and hard. I played on hard and from my experience, the only real difficulty was that on normal mode, you get three options as to what an item is called and on hard difficulty, you simply have to type the name of the object. I actually preferred hard mode, which gave me what I felt to be more control over the items themselves.
--- Character Design ---
At the time of review, there are 5 girls that you can interact with, with another 4 planned for release at some point in the future. You can see the five main girls on the title screen itself, giving you an idea of what each of their shticks. You've got the businesswoman, the goth gamer girl, the maid, the idol, and the princess. Each girl is pleasant to look at and I enjoyed their styles very much. Given that they are based heavily around their in-dream occupations, their personalities tend to follow rather closely. I think that the range of girls is great and that there's definitely a lot people could enjoy from these girls.
The girls teased for future updates also look really great and I'm looking forward to seeing more of them!
--- The LEWDS ---
Lewd scenes are interactive scenes, often involving moving your mouse back and forth repeatedly in order to make a certain motion on the girl, whether it be with your tongue, hand, or member. From the sex scenes, there are some super interesting options you can select that make it go above and beyond what many other games of this kind do.
You can click to see spots to interact with, ensuring you don't miss anything good. You can change the in-game mouse sensitivity so you don't have to flick your wrist so much. There's a button to remove any liquids in case you aren't into messy endings, or alternatively you can shoot yer goo my dude into the girl up to three times to fill her up and outside of her up to three times to add ice cream layers to her if you really are into that messy ending. Lastly, there's a hide UI button for you freaks like myself who enjoy getting good lewd screenshots.
Perhaps the most inventive option presented to you, however, is the draw button, which allows you to draw on the screen and thus anywhere on the female, giving you full control over the wording, drawings, etc. on the girls as you go through the sex scene with them.
With 11 individual sex scenes with up to currently 5 girls with 4 more planned along the way, there's actually a ton of really well-done scenes and a good amount of user control to really customize the action and the depths you want to go with it. The dialogue in the sex scenes is great, fully Japanese voice acted with some really lewd dialogue as you continue with her and there's definitely a lot to enjoy there.
--- Gameplay Overview ---
The gameplay itself is fairly interesting, giving you challenges depending on how far into the game you are and asking you to overcome the challenge by utilizing in-game mechanics. There is a button you can press to get some hints, which get more and more blunt the more you click the hint button so you can either get just a small hint or blatantly told the answer to the puzzle they wanted you to solve, giving you more control over what you can do.
The levels aren't overly long and they're a neat little side job to do as a way to hack the dreams. I do suggest going in on Hard mode for the typing experience to get a bit more of that "hacking" feel to it as you'll be typing away trying to access their dreams.
As you progress, you'll also unlock the ability to add features to data packs you already have to do things like increase their potency or add certain features that can be used to solve some of the aforementioned challenges in later levels. You also get the ability to customize words, although the UI for this is a little difficult to understand. I think it relates specifically to the Workshop, although I thought it was a way to edit what the words were in case of bad translations. If it is the latter and I just didn't understand it, then perhaps some better explanation was in order. If it is just for the workshop, then I think my idea to be able to edit them to bypass bad translations could be a good addition to the game.
To my surprise, very few of the words had issues. Most of the words were perfectly coherent for what was displayed, although I did come across instances of "Why is it called this and not that?" such as "Coke" being used when "Soda" or "Cola" would have been more appropriate. The trashcan for some reason is labeled as "Ashcan" which is real confusing as that's just not something that it is called in reality, and the singular item "Donut" is actually called "Donuts" in the game, which can be a little strange when you're playing on Hard and are convinced that the donut is just a donut.
--- Issues / Bugs ---
· A few of the words are a little inaccurate to what is being portrayed
· Dialogue progresses on its own
· Music isn't the greatest
--- Final Thoughts ---
It's hard to find faults with a game that gives so much player control, allowing you to get through the game at your own pace with a tiered hint system, ability to add features, and sex scenes that are clearly made with passion and foresight enough to know what players want to be able to do. I would absolutely recommend this title!
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