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Dota 2 is a very popular role-playing multiplayer game. Player have to select one of the unique fantasy heroes for every fast paced battle, and together with team make an attempt to overcome opposing team in skill, strategy and reaction. The game is very challenging and hardcore, but quickness of matches, makes it fun to play even for casual gamers. Besides, Dota 2 features hundreds of custom mods which make this game replayable again and again.
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Review by Anonymous

I love playing support. I enjoy the satisfaction of feeling like even without big time stats, I greatly influenced my team to victory. Finding out abbodon was my go to character took around 6-7 weeks of testing out different heroes. And just when I thought I had found my hero in Broodmother, I found that as I moved up to more talented players an less first week players, I found that she was to easily countered. In some games, I would have put it down for a while, discouraged in the failure. But in Dota 2, I adapted. I had been given a new challenge and changed my gaming style to a laning harasser character and changed to support. I look forward to what the years will bring in this game. one thing I really love about Dota 2 is no matter how much time you put into the game, you still won't master everything Dota has because it's so complex. I stopped for a year, but got back just a week ago, and Dota can sure be pretty hard yet through practice, it becomes so fun to the point you get addicted to it. says for new players that want to start playing this type of genre LoL is the way to go but if you want to go in for a deeper, harder experience go for Dota 2.

Custom map named Custom Hero Chaos is very popular lately, it is a sort of fantasy battle royale, where you pick up spells and progress through pve and pvp short fights until only the winner is left. Mode has great replayability as in every game you are only limited to pick spells from a limited random pool.

It might freak you out, but I have more than 6000 hours played in Dota 2, and approximately the same amount in Dota 1. For me it feels like modern chess or something. One of the few massively multiplayer intelligence games where your pocket size doesn't affect your skills at all.
Truly a game of minds in a modern "data" world, because there is really a lot of things to keep in your head about this game to master it.

I know there are tons of mods, but they are for casuals.

Review from Steam

This community is so nice i got a lot of tips on how to uninstall the game and kill myself

Review from Steam

If you told me when I started playing dota 2 at 18 years old that I would be reviewing this game after 8 years and 13'000 hours, I would have laughed at you.
Let me put that into perspective: 541 Days and 16 Hours. Of dota 2.
I'm almost 26 now, and I don't really know what to think of this game. This game has had a large impact on my life. I was "addicted" to the experience, in ranked and matchmaking. I've learned a lot about myself and others. I've learned a lot about staying in charge of my emotions. I've also learned that emotions can easily lose you a game before its come to its conclusion. I've learned how to react instinctively to changing pixel colours.
But I've also relatively learned nothing.
Not to depress anyone reading this, but when I put all of this into perspective, thinking about what could have been, I could easily imagine how much better my life would be if I never started playing this game. Socially, I would have a stronger network. My education and eventual career would probably have had more longevity (I have played professionally as a dota 2 player, but grew a lack of interest in competing). But I can never be sure how drastic these differences are. Would the pros outweigh the cons? I have certainly met and interacted with a large group of people, because of dota2, at events, tournaments etc. Any dota 2 player that has sunk 2000 hours or so has probably had these thoughts: "what if I just did ... instead" or "what if I just played on a more casual level". The issue is, that dota feels more rewarding than other things, and that's a trap I fell into.
It is with a heavy heart that I admit that I don't think I can bring myself to play anymore. Took a long 8 years for me to grow out of this perfect fit, which is why I must review dota2 positively.
Thank you for all that you have done for me. Farewell friend.

Review from Steam

This game might be good but I need to play more before I can say anything.

Review from Steam

Dont play this game , play any other game you can find , find other game do anythin else with your life , take a walk go to the park , eat ice cream. Dont play games do anything else read books , eat good food find a lady do things in the real life . i have 200 days of non stop continus playing of dota 2 this not mentioning dota 1 or other games , if i put all the games togeter they are literly 2 years of my life im 31 and i have literly lived almost 10% of my life just sitting on a chair in front of a screen . Please if you read this , go do something else , read , study do sports eat good food learn to cook , learn to ride a bike anything anything else .

Review from Steam

This isn't a free game.
Each match costs you a bit of your sanity until you have nothing left!

Review from Steam

it is bad for your life

Review from Steam

3.5k hours played
Made friends, lost friends and made enemies
Spent countless amounts of money
Stomped alot of noobs and got stomped
Hated the game, loved the game

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