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Doodle God: Mighty Trio

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About the GameA long time ago somewhere in outer space there were only Fire and Water... This meant epic war, and nothing could stopped them... oh, well, except their mutual buddy Air. :)

United together, three fellows became ingenious, so creative, that could invent really anything!

Unleash the power of amazing colorful elements to perform a miracle of creation! Blast these gems of elemental magic and fill your very own world with wonders and marvel! Create the flourishing life full of color, joy and sweetness!


- Connect colorful elements in chains and progress on the map!

- Combine base elements, such as fire, earth, air and water to create the entire new world!

- Play 100+ levels.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

So i've been playing for 4+ hours and i can say between some loading time or waiting queue, this game has been made to make you do something while waiting on another game.. Or sometime you can just launch this game and if you are into it you will forget to get some sleep :D
Pros :
Can be a bit difficult (and i like it so far)
Unlimited Life (Don't know if its intended or a bug)
Alchemy who require some logic. (How to make some Elements (like Sun, life, lava etc etc))
Cons :
The Roulette Wheel (Maybe not a cons but the bonus are too low at the moment but 1 try is free for every level so you can use it if you want)
Mobile Game ??? ((Not a cons) see above to check my explanation of that game)
Hope to get more features !
-Like Daily Check to get some bonus every day
PS : Can only think of that at the moment xD

Review from Steam

Relaxing match 3 with a wee bit of element pairing/ creation between some levels.

Review from Steam


Review from Steam

It's good man

Review from Steam

this is awesome :D

Review from Steam

the games quite entertaining

Review from Steam

ur gam s gud

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