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Dodgeball Academia

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In a world where dodgeball is life, you join Otto at the academy and train to become the ultimate dodgeball champion. Across eight episodes, you’ll forge friendships and create rivals, all in the name of developing the best dodgeball team.

Level up Otto and develop a dynamic team across a vast and customizable party progression system. All the while, explore the vast Dodgeball Academia and uncover the long hidden truths that reside within the very walls you live, learn, and dominate in.

Key Features:
  • Explore and uncover the secrets of the Dodgeball Academia across its vast, diverse, and full of life campus
  • Journey through a full-blown RPG story mode; complete with episodes, main quests, side quests, and school minigames
  • Unlock and upgrade unique characters, diversifying your dodgeball team through an RPG style character and party progression
  • Engage in action-packed dodgeball matches featuring a unique fighting game style that will put you up against challenging enemies and bosses
  • Duke it out with a friend locally in a competitive local versus mode

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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

This game made me feel and wanting to be young again.
Dodgeball Academia is what it sounds and more. You play as a student named Otto who's goal is to become the very best through hard work and friendship. Sounds cheesy, but the dialogue is so well written, you can catch many clever references. And even though the character's personalities is somehwat cliche, I loved them! "GO CRUSH THEM, MINA!"
The graphics are an excellent blend of 2D characters in a 3D environment. Gameplay is incredibly smooth and it will remind you of Pokemon a lot even though it's very different. It's dodgeball themed (if not obvious) and if anyone loves dodgeball, this is by far the best of its kind.
In simple terms you run around throwing and dodging balls. Of course there's more. You control your character and the potential additional 2 members of your team which they do not move on their own with exception if they are on the knockout zones. If you are good with them, you can control them efficiently as they will catch balls the same way you do, pick them up and automatically pass them to you, or pass to your teammate, doing that will switch your main character in control.
When you start doing the campaign, you might think it's pretty easy and repetitive (except the early Boris encounter), but thorought the campaign, you'll see how the tables start turning on you. This game has a disguise of being luck based but it actually involves a lot of skill. Being able to predict, time your strikes and catching just right, dodging at the right moments, etc...The campaign length is about 15-20hrs long, so this will definitely take you a few days to finish it.
I had to legitimately cheat my way through several battles, because it was this much HARD! Oh and those "Balltimate moves", this was some Undertale level of dodging required. I'd definitely had to cheat more if I wouldn't have leveled up through completing all of the side missions. The soundtrack by the way is rocktastic!
Oh and even though there's no multiplayer, you can play versus mode with a friend through Steam's Remote play together feature. So if you have plans to play this against a friend, then the game is definitely worth its full price! (You can always wait for a sale though...)

Review from Steam

This game is basically one of those sports movies you see, a protagonist must overcome numerous factors to become the champion of dodgeball, and while it may seem dumb, it works incredibly well. This game is straight-up amazing, it's a semi-short game (It took me 16 hours to 100% complete it), but it's got adorable visuals, funny writing, and amazing combat. Just playing this game makes me want to play dodgeball. To anybody reading this, I really recommend this game.

Review from Steam

This game is a little bit GBA Mario Tennis, a little bit Pokemon, and a little sports anime in its influence, but really pulls off what it's going for with style and polish. The writing is pretty fun as well. It deserves some more attention.

Review from Steam

OH MAN. What a great game! Loved every second of it. Does it get a bit repetitive? Eh, I guess. But I would be lying if I didn't say I enjoyed every minute of it. Really cool, fun and unique visuals, funny story, fun characters... FUN! That's the best word to describe the game. I think unfortunately the devs may've done themselves a disservice by pricing it higher than one may expect from a game like this, as it was probably a determining factor in the game's traction. I, however, did not regret a single penny spent on the game and would spend it all again IMMEDIATELY on a sequel or similar game from the devs.

Review from Steam

(english version of this review after the pt-br text!!)
O TIPO DE OBRA QUE ADMIRO TANTO QUE FICO PENSANDO "QUERO UM DIA TER A OPORTUNIDADE DE FAZER PARTE DE UM PROJETO DESSES" porque se eu como audiencia(?) já fico toda orgulhosa por ser algo que veio de casa (nosso país), imagina ter FEITO isso!! sério, maravilhoso
dodgeball academia é um deleite (nuncausei essa palavra na minha vida mas foi ela que me veio a mente agora) desde o visual, que por fotos e videos não "faz jus" a experiencia de ver por voce mesmo, LINDO e tãaaaaao rico em detalhezinhos por todos os cenarios que fica impossivel não notar o carinho que tiveram, sabe?? a MUSICA!! eu fiquei impressionada com a trilha sério pqp (destaque pra musiquinha que toca quando voce vai pro outro lado da escola onde tem o dormitorio e etc, que é uma bossa novaa!!!! E pra musica do lugar do Tonhão (deixando vago pra nao dar spoiler hauahahha)
OS DIALOGOS, AS QUESTS (como eu me diverti com as historias, cara) é tudo tão comfy e inocente e divertido e ENGRAÇADO
sabe aqueles jogos que voce joga com um sorriso no rosto?? então
A GAMEPLAY É UMA DELICIA!! ngl que no começo eu tava achando difícil (eu sou ruim em tudo também entao tem isso pra se levar em contakkkkkk) mas assim que você se acostuma (e o jogo da muito espaço pra voce se acostumar o quanto precisar) fica VICIANTEEEEEE?? é satisfatorio DEMAISS quando voce consegue fazer o counter dos arremessos do time adversarioo por exemplo kk e eu amo demais essa ideia de usar QUEIMADA como a batalha/combate num RPG SABEEEEEEE incrivel e o jeito que voce vai upando os personagens, as habilidades diferentes de cada uuuumm, montar seu timee, os poderzinho especialllll OS ITEMS SENDO TUDO OBJETOS/COMIDINHAS DA NOSSA CULTURA VEI não tem nada mais gostoso do que ver essas referencias que fazem parte do nosso dia a dia numa midia que a gente ta acostumado a só ver coisas "estadunidenses", eu estou cada dia mais animada e feliz e apaixonada e ansiosa pro crescimento gamedev nacional (audiovisual no geral, mas no cenario de games ainda ta poucoo)
é tudo muito smooth!! a interface e tudo super caprichado a qualidade no geraal de tudo (funcionamento(?) e estetica) é perfeita
eu sinto que tenho mais tanta coisa pra destacar mas ao mesmo tempo quero que todo mundo tenha a surpresa e a experiencia de descobrir por si proprio essas coisas no jogo, parece varios presentinhos n sei explicar
é isso, joguem esse tesourinho, essa preciosidade (duvido nao se apaixonarem também) que vale muito muito e vai te garantir horas de diversao e quentinho no coraçao

OKAY SO dodgeball academia is even cooler than what i expected (and i already had big expectations)
EVERYTHING IS SO CHARMING AND UNIQUE!! i LOVE how you level up, i love the idea of making DODGEBALL the BATTLE of an RPG!!!!! it's really SO UNIQUE and it feels really fresh too
the way it presents the Special Powers, the anime-esque(??LOL) storyline
i found the gameplay to be so addicting once you get used to it FR I LOVE THE MATCHES AS MUCH AS I LOVE EVERYTHING ELSE THIS GAME HAS TO OFFER its charming characters, the jokes, the different areas you get to explore aa
it's a game made with so much heart and it shows yknow
if it looks interesting to you and you're in doubt if you should buy it or not.. BUY IT
it's FUN, challenging (the perfect amount lol as i'm usually not so skilled in games but i love when it feels challenging [aka a bit difficult but NOT impossible)) and heartwarming
the game makes you comfortable to practice as much as you want to to progress when you're ready, you can use different items that fits your play-style etc so yess it's definitely 100% worth it
no cons imo

Review from Steam

I need anikis... What you normie civilians would call "bros".

Review from Steam

I would really rather put this as a sideways "meh" review and that hurts. It's a solid game that is seriously let down by some just absurdly crappy design choices that make no sense at all.
Your "sprint" has you curl up like a ball and roll, but you have no real directional control so you just slam into things. It's a minor annoyance, but it builds up.
The really bad call though, the most wretched of all bad calls I've seen in a good long while - your teammates are quite literally useless. The entire enemy team can move around independent of one another, they can all pick up and throw balls at each other...your team does LITERALLY nothing but stand behind you getting hit and passing balls to you. They don't move on their own, they don't throw any balls for attacks. They do nothing.
It's effectively a bullet hell, but you're on a SMALL area and are a GIANT target. It's just the dumbest thing ever.
All that said though, the story and visuals are top tier. I've laughed out loud multiple times and want to keep slogging through the TERRIBLE combat to see more of it.
It's a dodgeball game, devs. Have you ever PLAYED dodgeball? Clearly you haven't There are no formations and everybody can throw.

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