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Dismantle: Construct Carnage

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In Dismantle you play as "Constructs", fantastical creations built to fight in a tournament where the winner is the only one not reduced to a pile of rubble.

Craft your Construct as you see fit, choosing your parts and paintwork, and tailoring your abilities to your play-style.

Every part of a character can be destroyed, eventually leaving only a pile of pieces where a player used to be.

As players take damage they are forced to crawl, hop, and roll to claim victory. Players will need to adapt and adjust to their shifting strengths and weaknesses if they hope to claim victory.

The carnage takes places across an array of deadly levels, where players do their best to avoid destructive traps while destroying anything that isn't set in stone.

Wreak havoc with an arsenal of punishing weapons: deadly explosives, energy weapons, furniture and flaming swords to name a few.

Combat is fast, funny and furious, while remaining skillful.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Run around hitting things till they fall to pieces and then pick up bits and hit them some more !
A lot of fun !

Review from Steam

A game where you can beat up your enemies with their own limbs and chew off their legs once you've lost your own... what more could you ask for? A great game, would definitely recommend!

Review from Steam

I was informed that this was a sweet, ultra kawaii dating sim.
The lack of catgirls and anime cliches has broken my trust in this company.
I have however discovered that this is a kick ass brawler where my dreams of using someones arm to beat their stupid face off can finally come true.
That's right folks, you finally have the chance to break limbs off your friends and jeer maniacally whilst doing so.
Ruin friendships with grenades and charge off edges whilst shouting LEEEEROOOOYYYY JENNNNKIIIIINNSSSSS!!!
The time is now - cause some Carnage.

Review from Steam

I came, I saw, I beat it up with its own arm.
Excellent game.

Review from Steam

I rate this game

Review from Steam

It's all a bit of fun, beating opponents up with their own limbs is a special takeaway. Saw the game in development, good to see a new design team.

Review from Steam

This is quite a unique brawler to say the least.
There is something very satisfying about stealing your opponents leg and beating them with it.
It's a great couch game to play with friends.
I recommend giving it a try.
On a side note, it also works well on Linux when running it with Steam Play / Proton.
Just make sure you set -screen-width and -screen-height in the launch options, otherwise it'll set the screen res to 10x10 ;)

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