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Different Strokes

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Your friend, a conceptual artist, has invited you to their latest exhibition.

You enter expecting to see their art adorning the walls, but to your surprise, the VISITORS are the ones drawing the art — they’re even drawing over each other’s work! It’s up to you to protect the exhibition from being covered in artwork that is, intentionally or otherwise, truly awful.

Gameplay consists of:

- exploring the ever-expanding gallery

- painting your own artwork on blank canvases

- editing other player's artwork

- rating completed artwork

All of the art exhibited in the game is 100% created and remixed and rated LIVE by other players. Yes, we host all of this art and load it in dynamically. We hope that you will choose to fix the (inevitable) unacceptable art!

In addition to the main gallery there is also a portal to the "gallery of the week". Every week there will be a new gallery with a particular theme. The main gallery is pretty crowded so your art may have a better chance of standing out in the gallery of the week!

Paintings have a "share link" button that takes you to a web page you can use to share your work with other people outside of the game.

Player's can optionally create a user account. When logged in, any paintings you create/edit will be marked with your username. Other players will be able to click on your username to see all the paintings you have created.

From the logged in screen you can see notifications when other players like your paintings and see how many total likes they've received.
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