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Diamond Giza

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Everybody knows the pyramids are stuffed full of valuable treasure. But they're also stuffed with dangerous monsters that roam the halls and keep the treasure out of the hands of would-be looters. Only a real DIAMOND GIZA could ever hope to come out of there with bags of riches!

Hundreds of levels of classic arcade fun awaits in the maze-like pyramids of DIAMOND GIZA! No cutscenes, no message-laden story, no lootboxes, no pre-order DLC - just dodging monsters and grabbing treasure like it's going out of fashion!GAMEPLAY
  • Explore mazes

  • Collect treasure to score points

  • Don't get caught by monsters

  • Try to score more points than your friends
  • Up to 8 player co-op!

  • Hundreds of mazes to explore!

  • Hundreds of relics to find!

  • A desert full of secrets!

  • Fun!
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