Devil on Your Shoulder

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See your name in lights on Broadway! Find fame, fortune, and true love! All it costs is your immortal soul.

Devil on Your Shoulder is an interactive urban fantasy romance novel by Lisa Fox, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based, without graphics or sound effects, and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

It’s the brink of the new millennium, and you’ve moved to New York to chase your dreams of Broadway stardom. Every day you walk past the theaters where legendary shows – Rent! Les Miserables! Phantom of the Opera! – bring audiences to their feet and launch the careers of people just like you.

But hitting it big turns out to be harder than you ever imagined. When your phone-psychic roommate tries to help you reverse your fortune, you accidentally summon a powerful demon. A very handsome powerful demon, who instantly turns all of his infernal might towards helping you. With a wave of his hand, he can grant your every wish. Take down your rival? Save your local bookstore from the gentrification that’s starting to creep into the East Village? Win the lottery? It’s done!…as long as you give the demon a bit of your soul.

Meanwhile, you’re trying to make another one of your dreams come true: to find love. Will it be with your neighbor, the dashing photojournalist? The rising star politician with visions of how to make New York a better place? Or maybe you’re drawn to the demon himself, always at your side to tempt you and whisper in your ear…

Become everything you’ve dreamed of in the glorious, glamorous, gritty concrete jungle of 1990s New York. Dance at a star-studded gala; sing your heart out at auditions; stroll through Central Park; dive deep into the graffiti-filled subways. Will you give in to temptation so that you can achieve certain stardom, or attempt to make it on your own and risk losing it all? Will you listen to the angel of your conscience or the devil on your shoulder?

  • Play as a woman about to realize her dreams on Broadway
  • Find love with an idealistic politician, a daring photojournalist, or a powerful demon
  • Preserve your soul, or spend it freely to gain effortless rewards
  • Befriend your professional rival, or do whatever it takes to cut her down
  • Delve deep into the past to discover the truth of your demonic ally’s powers
  • Mingle with the poets, dreamers, and eccentrics of the East Village – and help them resist gentrification or make way for the next millennium
  • How far will you go to see your name in lights?
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