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Detroit: Become Human

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Detroit: Become Human - a game that will make an unforgettable impression on anyone. It feels like watching a movie, but you are the actor. Gather with friends, decide who will play which character and watch your very own story. Every action makes an impact on the story, so think twice or risk loosing everything in this fantastic game about society, equality, life, future and philosophy.
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Review by Anonymous

I will once add a bigger review to this one. Or well, it deserves multiple reviews. There are so many cool things around DBH. First ever thing you should now - this is very similar experience to visiting IMAX on a blockbuster. But it turns out you can control the plot. Highly recommended to role-play characters with your friends. Don't play it solo. Pick one role, and give other roles to your friends. This will be a kind of multiplayer and it will be fun!

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A new standard for story games!
Detroit's a good game that empowers that rare sense of player agency by presenting touching moments that come to life beautifully on the screen. This game will have you play as 3 different characters and you will decide their actions. This is more of an interactive movie then anything, but if you're looking for a good story, this is definitely something you should buy!


1. Impactful decisions
2. Deep and dark story
3. Great replay value
4. Outstanding visuals and voice acting

1. Mediocre gameplay

Bugs & Issues

- No issues

- i5 10400f
- 2070 super
- 32GB RAM
- 1080p 280hz monitor

10/10. This game is a true Masterpiece.

Is it worth buying?
It is 100% worth buying if you are looking for a good story! However, if what you are looking for is inovative gameplay, I cant recommend this title to you.

Content & Replay Value:
The amount of content in this game is just perfect. Its long enough to keep you entertained, and it doesnt drag on. As for replay value, they have included a feature that allows you to replay sections of the game to explore different paths.

The game has 6 different outcomes for the prologue alone, 50 different endings or so, huge trees of branching paths broken into the most microscopic decisions. Chances to kill off important characters etc. The butterfly effect storyboard of Detroit is really the best part about this game as it puts so much control into the hands of those who play it. Naturally there are some instances during the story multiple times where its clear what decision will lead to xy outcome, but for the most part its integrated really well and in my opinion it pushes video game interactive storytelling into a land beyond the expected. Every decision feels like it has impact on the story, and there are certainly less fake decisions in Detroit contrary to other popular games in this genre.
Detroit decided to tackle deeper and more dark topics. The game makes several references to slavery, parental abuse, child abuse and of course the Holocaust. If you ask me, it makes sense. if we're talking about a group of androids that are being forced to work against their will whatever that will may take the form of whether it's a miss jointed program that isn't functioning properly or if it's true freewill which is what it seems to be portrayed to you as the player it doesn't really matter it's still handled as a topic that naturally comes up and it's discussed by the characters specifically the Android characters within the game and I think that that's just fine there's no issue with talking about slavery. Slavery is slavery regardless of what the sentient is taking form as, be that plastic or skin.
Detroit deserves multiple playthroughs because the amount of content that can be ingested in a single playthrough is inconsistent both in terms of quality and quantity but if you play it a few times, it is a pretty compelling experience.
The visuals of Detroit is down right amazing. It has come so close to looking real its almost scary. The game took four years to make, several hundreds of days of motion capture, even more days for the voice acting. This game has helped push the video game industry one step closer to being more immersive and looking more like real life.
I don't believe Detroit is a good game for the sake of its mechanics. In all honesty, I would go so far as to say that Detroit really isn't much of a video game at all, as there isn't much to the gameplay beyond button prompts and walking. I will give it to them though, the fighting in this game is down right fantastic, although its more of a cut scene then anything. Now, don't get me wrong, I love the parts where you can move the character, its just that I feel it is lacking something.
I was playing this game on a 2070 super, i5 10400f and 32gb ram. The game was capped at 60fps and that is fine for a story game in my opinion. The game never dropped below 58 fps, and ran perfectly fine. No bugs or issues or performance issues at all.
Verdict: 10/10. A captivating and fantastic story!
Overall, the game is an amazing experience and anyone that loves story games should give this a try! Its packed full of meaningful choices and decisions you have to make, you shape the story you are playing.
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28 stab wounds

Review from Steam

i killed everyone cuz i hit the wrong button
10/10 would do it again

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Review from Steam

Dude I think Connor is an android sent by CyberLife

Review from Steam

conners so hot

Review from Steam

Wish I could erase my mind and replay this masterpiece from scratch.

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