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Despot’s Game: Dystopian Army Builder

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About This Game

Prepare to die, humans!A group of people wake up in a strange post-apocalyptic labyrinth — naked, with no memories and with a bunch of weapons. Is this a joke, a crazy experiment, or... a game? You'll find out soon enough, just try not to die first!

Get your pretzels readyYour puny squad is capable of much more. Choose your loot and transform the squishy humans into wizards, cultists, ninjas and dozens of other heroes, including the mythical stale pretzel throwers. With perks and class combos, there are thousands of ways to build your army. The man-eating cabbage will appreciate the variety in its diet!

Crush your rivalsIf you can survive the labyrinth, you'll meet THE UNSTOPPABLE END-GAME BUILDS OF OTHER PLAYERS! You'll beat each other to death and only one will be spared by d'Spot. No offense, but in his own game he writes the rules!

Indirect combatPrepare your warriors and let them fight it out on their own! Indirect combat allows you to focus heavily on tactical considerations rather than reflexes. Strengthen your front line with fridge-movers, aim your food-throwers and look after your Forbidden Summoners!

Endless exploration The dungeons are generated from scratch every time, and there is no chance puny humans will ever find the way out! And even if they strike lucky — don't worry, there are endless ways to die in Despot's Game!

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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous

Enjoyed this indie title a lot.

Its pretty much completed for early access already and has lots of features.

Review from Steam

As an older gentleman I appreciate a game that doesn't require reflexes.

Review from Steam

Straight up, this game is way too hard. The food system is frustrating, tanks don't work the way they should based on both expectations and to make this game play, and the game is too hard, hands down- and focused on a PVP loop many of us will never see trying to play this game without exploits.
THAT BEING SAID- buttons made the game a bit easier. If they just gave us a BIT more food and turned down the difficulty level enough that strategies other than "Make 1 giant guy" or "Shooters healers and tricksters/fencers" (but never tanks because tanks can neither taunt well nor tank a reasonable amount of damage) or MAX OUT MUTATIONS AND HOPE FOR RNG TO HELP YOU OUT...
This game could consume my life.
So I could be a dick about this and neg it because it needs a lot more work and to stop jerking itself off trying to be souls difficulty but like... this game could be the best thing ever if the dev didn't force us into lanes and leave us broke except for like specific strategies.
Dev, I want an autobattler I can play with not one where the only way to win is healers, shooters, and some non tank tank- or a weird exploit like giant newbie stacking. There may be some pride in acting like the game's despot and making us do backflips for your amusement, but you'd have a 10/10 game if you weren't actively trying to stop us from enjoying the game.
7/10, but with 10/10 potential.

Review from Steam

a decent game with a cool premise, just really lacks content. i have played for 2 1/2 hours and have seen every combination possible, and figured out how to win pretty easily, at least just for the solo content. the pvp mode in this game is absolutely terrible to play- i originally thought the game was mainly solo content, with a little bit of online pvp as an extra option- but nope, the short single-player section ends and its either pvp or restart. the "game modes" don't really add that much other than minor starting roster changes or restrictive challenge runs that i just don't find that fun. i wouldn't really say this game is worth the price unless you are getting it on discount, but its definitely an interesting concept with pretty good gameplay.

Review from Steam

Has potential. Needs more content but still has enough to keep you busy for a while. Would be nice to have workshop as well. That being said, for the content the game already has I feel I got more than my money's worth out of it.

Review from Steam

The game is fun enough but a few things keep it from being better.
It becomes very difficult to track the stats (health especially) of your characters, especially when it's low. If they could flash red or you could have some indicator when they're hurt you could heal them (if you have it).
I also dislike that when a character dies and you get a new one, they are level one in a level 6 dungeon--basically any shield characters are dead immediately on the next fight. You lose your shield, then your melee characters, and then it's over.
The main fight of the game is to keep your tanks alive or it all falls apart, I feel. This strategy makes the gameplay feel a little too monotonous, and you can predict when your run is over long before the last guy dies.
It worries me that it will suffer the fate of many games like it: easy enough early levels that you will play countless times, get to a later level--die, and do the easy all over again until you get bored with the game.
I'm not there yet, but I'm close.
In the end, it's a few balancing issues that could be easily adjusted.
My primary fix would be scaling levels for new humans. Rather than be a useless lv. 1 in stage 6, give them a level boost every 3 stages, or whatever seems fair. I'd rather people see the game which has a lot of visual variety, as opposed to giving up.

Review from Steam

Despite playing for 69 minutes (appropriate time to review this) I feel I've experienced almost all of what the game has to offer, and that's not necessarily a bad thing! There's a simplicity to it that you could enjoy.
The Good:
1. There's a strategy to it of course, you could maybe run in with just a hand full of one class but given the later levels, putting your mind to the test in terms of class selections, character placements, it's pretty battling in terms of tactics.
2. It's... weird, weird in by there are little choices in the beginning of every level that have the most outlandish writing, it's goofy and offers a reward depending on the choice.
3. Classes and enemy designs and the such are like an amalgamation of separate games and movies to somewhat of a little extent, but at one point during gameplay, it becomes Lovecraftian, adding a welcome spice to your playthrough.
The Bad:
1. It of course gets repetitive at some point, I have yet to feel that after 69 minutes but I could feel it'll happen soon enough, but given the mechanics of the gameplay, maybe it could be pushed through.
2. The game isn't exactly fleshed out, meaning that you learn almost all of the controls, like I said, in the beginning of the game, and from that point on it's dependent on difficulty and RNG in terms of enemy spawns.
I'd for sure recommend it, it's goofy, doesn't take itself too seriously, and straight to the point. With the price it is at, most definitely worth it, on top of that, the game is still being worked on, improved, and added on by the devs, so more madness to come.

Review from Steam

This game offers a marvelous resource management balance during the PVE Campaign and a wonderfully creative approach to PVP. I had a ton of fun playing through the PVE campaign, finally completing it after learning to balance my spending on new items, upgrades, mutations, and food. I advise other new players to think about clearing the entire floor before or after beating the boss, while keeping food spending in mind as a cost of entering each room.
To my surprise though, the PVP was even more fun than the PVE. Fighting a snapshot of other players armies at their own time in the "brawl" campaign reminds me of the best parts of Mighty Quest for Epic Loot -- offline PVP so to speak. I've seen so many interesting builds that dominated my own armies, delightful every time.
Highly recommend this game. To the developers: bravo. Besides balance tweaks that you probably have more insight on (Volley is OP in PVP), I would really love to be able to watch replays and inspect opponents builds after a loss. What mutations did they have, what units did they pick up, what bonuses did they manage to put together?
Great game, cheers.

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