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Turbo-Charged Pinball is back!

Updated with bigger sprites, more baddies, more secrets and of course MORE BULLETS!

Demon's Tilt pushes the limits of the Video Pinball genre with SHMUP & Hack N' Slash elements.FEATURES:
A three-tiered cathedral to Explore:
Unlock its gothic secrets and depth over time, Packed with mini-bosses, baddies, ramps and mechanical traps.

A Unique Magic System:
Convert waves of enemy bullets into homing magic that fights for you,
or transmute them into GOLD for a banked Ultra Jackpot!

Use your Chain Meter to combo hits and keep your scoring momentum up. Link ramps to extend the Chain Meter's life. Speed and aggressive play rewards!

Base Multipliers can soar up to 99x Earn Global multipliers to rocket your score into the billions!

Bonus Rituals:
Complete Dark Rituals and spell letters for huge bonuses & jackpots Complete them all and unlock a special WIZARD MODE!

Multiball Modes:
True full table multiball and add-a-ball modes!DEMONS

The High Priestess:
Controlled by an unknown demonic force. Turn her Wheel of Fate and take control of your destiny.

The Manticore:
Part lion, serpent, and scorpion. An enslaved beast oversees the cathedral and protects its deepest secrets.

The Hermit:
The humble gatekeeper of the cathedral.

The Phalanx:
A well-defended skeleton horde. Their shields will stop most shots, try and outflank them!

Shub Calamari:
120 million years old is just a baby when it comes to Cosmic Gods!

Sacrificed Goat:
An aggressive demon, its eyestalks are its weak point.

Insane Homunculi:
A blasphemous experiment gone awry. Watch out for the bile!GRAPHICS:
"Hi-Bit", massive colorful sprites inspired by the Neo-Geo, Saturn and PlayStation era. Scaling, rotation, camera zooms... No "blast processor" required!MUSICA Mega-Driven Soundtrack:
An all-new OST true to the guttural sound of the Sega Genesis, composed by E.C.2151
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

DEMON'S TILT - I can say it lives up to is name, granted at the time of this review I have only played about 2 or so hours of the game, but I can honestly this is very much like Epic Pinball's wicked step-child (twice removed). In DEMON'S TILT you have a very unique playfield which overs a ton of challenge and depth, honestly I still have not figured it all out just yet, but it is very fun to play. The bosses offer a ton of challenges and the baddies themselves add another demented dimension to the table(s). Look forward to each challenge in this game. Good ballin all! - Dark

Review from Steam

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Really good pinball game that had me replaying until I cracked the one billion points achievement.
The table is split into three tiers, and each tier comes with its own special challenges that increase your bonus once they have been successfully completed. The bonus can be increased up to x99, which means it really pays off to go for the challenges before collecting points.
The top tier contains the chimera, a caged lion with a tentacle arm and a snake head that can have its cage broken to release the lion's head. The focus here is to hit side lanes and side bumpers. Lots of points to be had here, but it's easy to drop your ball down to the second tier because the gap between flippers is pretty big.
The second tier contains the priestess, who collects "pachi points" which are automatically spent on placing safety teleporters across the table. She can be awakened by dropping the ball into the little cage on top of her head. Once in there, the ball gets launched up to the top tier. This is the tier you'll probably spend most of your time in.
The bottom tier has different boss enemies that can be defeated by hitting them with your ball. Whenever one boss is defeated, the next one spawns in, and they're increasingly difficult to deal with. This is the hardest tier since your ball will drain when it drops down between the flippers or the outlanes. Defeating bosses also increases your bonus multiplier and gives a lot of points, so the high risk comes with a high reward.
All together, the game is a really exciting multi-tiered pinball table with lots of unique and interesting features that couldn't exist on a physical table, making perfect use of the fact that it's a video game. Highly recommended.

Review from Steam

Ridiculously fun. I don't have a deep personal commitment to the genre of pinball like a lot of reviewers apparently do, so having come into this experience relatively clean I can recommend this wholeheartedly based only on its merits, which are:
-challenging for a casual like me, but not so hard it is frustrating. Right in my personal sweet spot, in fact.
-Deceptively simple... I don't have the capacity to remember a lot of key commands and attacks and spells and whatever. This may be the peak gaming experience from that perspective- allegedly I could use WASD for something, but 5 hours in I haven't really felt the need to venture beyond left and right shift. Within the bounds of these two keys, there's already a ton of strategy and variety of playstyle possible.
-As I improve and keep the ball in play longer, there are more and new things to discover. What happens when I kill the purple tentacle thing? Can't wait to find out!

Review from Steam

Would you, Demon Board
Would you, Demon Board
Would you help me?
And I just can't find
My place in this high score table.

Review from Steam

It's amazing. If you're at all interested just get it.

Review from Steam

Nostalgic 90's occultist digital pinball done ever so right. Several game modes to challenge you. The game is hard to be honest and not for light hearted pinballers. A ravenous, unforgiving, moaning, bleeding nun along with other table bosses await you. Built in mini tables with their own bosses make this game fun to play but very hard to master. I honestly felt like this game was a "lost" Genesis cartridge that I somehow miraculously stumbled upon in a lost attic of an awesomely haunted house. I personally love this pinball game and this is usually what I hit up first to get my pinball fix. Get ready for some majorly sweaty hands!

Review from Steam

Very nice remake of the pc-engie classic devil's crush!