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Death Rattle – Evil Onslaught

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Death Rattle - Evil Onslaught is the prequel to Death Rattle - Hell Unleashed.

Death Rattle - Evil Onslaught is an Action role-playing adventure with up to 40 hours of riveting gameplay.

Hack and slash, shoot and blow up your way through dozens of different enemies in seven different open yet linear locations throughout the mysterious and mystical realm of Ulliadore.

Use the ancient crossbow, a mighty axe, a quick and witty sword, as well as your hardy fists for some blunt damage! Vaporize enemies with differing types of grenades and arrows, from poison, to fire to shock! The choice is yours! But beware, different enemies have different weaknesses and strengths so use your options to your advantage!

The invasion of hell has started, as predicted by the sacred monks in the Forsaken Hills, and you are right in the thick of it. Hellfire and meteors rain down on the world as evil creatures rise from the depths to stake their claim on the realm of Ulliadore.

You play as a veteran captain of the guard, stationed in an old worker camp consisting of mainly refugees trying to make ends meet.

In this old, hallowed place you meet a shaman, mysterious and ominous. This old, hardened mage tells of the reaping forthcoming, an omen not to be taken lightly. He also tells of the weakness of the Old God, in turning back to the sinful residue still remaining and his selection of a champion, His champion - The Death Rattle!

The old shaman unravels a concealed crossbow and hands it to you, a weapon as old as Ulliadore itself, an ancient relic. You are tasked with taking the epic weapon to Elm Cliff Town, the birth place to be of the Death Rattle. You are to take his weapon to him, hand delivered, so that he may protect the realm from the cancerous evil spreading rapidly.

Along the way you'll fight various evil creatures all hell bent on destroying you and the entire human race on Ulliadore. You must ac as a herald and protector of the realm, as you always have.

The entire worlds safety hangs in the balance of this epic quest! Will you succeed?

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