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Cyberpunk 2077

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Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world action-adventure RPG that takes place in Night City. The game is being developed by CD Projekt Red using the REDengine 4.

It's time to assume the role of V, a mercenary that is trying to survive and earn as much cash as he/she can in Night City. Players are able to customize the face, body type, body modifications, background, and clothes of V.

There are many different stat categories in the game like Reflex, Cool, Tech, Strength, Intelligence, and Constitution, and unique character classes as well like Solo, NetRunner, and Techie.

Players can consult a ripperdoc that can help them upgrade and purchase all kinds of cyberware implants as well that give you all kinds of special abilities like double jumping, giving you access to arm blades, and so on.

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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous

So, I just finished the main story of the game and can post a review. Actually, I expected something like Detroit: Become Human, instead it turned out to be a GTA in sci-fi skin, thus here are the pros and cons:

+ Open world with lots of variables - good quantity of everything: weapons, cars, quests.

- Poor story, non-mature characters with strange motives, unrealistic body animations, poor dialogs.

3/5 from me, if you have other games to finish, my bet is to go for them first and leave this one for when you have nothing to play.

Review from Steam

Been here since day 1, and I am someone who came from the PS4 version of the game. This has been quite the journey from its horrendous launch to where we are today. Ever since launch I have enjoyed the game, though I do acknowledge that it is completely unacceptable how this game launched, and no video game should launch how Cyberpunk 2077 did. I'd say that this game has been "playable" since its 1.3 updates, but it wasn't in a state where I could fully recommended this game to others due to it still being in a worst state than early day Skyrim or the likes. Now here we are, the 1.5 relaunch update has brought us the "next gen" update to the game. Whatever you want to actually call this update, it brings the soft overhaul to the game in terms of stability and actual feature and mechanics rebalance to make the game far better in its design, and thus making it feel better to play, along with its far improved stability. The game is now at a state where I could fully recommend it.
The game is still far from being perfect, as certain play styles far outclass other play styles in terms of combat, especially melee combat, as its still pretty stiff and a bit of a button masher at times. Content still feels weirdly distributed around the map with some areas being far more dense in terms of content than others. Any other complaints I have would just be nitpicking at the game really.
There is a lot to like about this game. The characters do feel genuine in who they are and what roles they play. The combat and stealth in most areas feels good or great mechanically and in execution. Traversing the world is never really a chore, given the amount of different vehicle types, the large number of fast travel locations, and general movement speed when on the ground thanks to the not terrible stamina amount you have along with the very basic parkour system you get access to. The decent variation in quests has a mix of combat, detective work, or even stealth retrieval, sometimes a multiple of styles. Depending on which skill tree you spec in, it actually changes a lot of how you approach each quest. You can go in stealthy, or go in guns blazing or fist swingin' if the quest allows for it. The driving was alright before the 1.5 update, but it is now incredible how much better it feels to control in the 1.5 update given the new types of driving options you have. There is a large variety of cars and motorbikes you can obtain too, and you don't even need to buy any to have good options. You can good a good selection of vehicles by just doing the main campaign.
I really genuinely like this game, a lot. It is far from perfect, but it is really fun to play. If you were unsure about the game before, but were thinking about jumping in with this update coming out, you should play it. I highly recommend the game now. It is a lot of fun, and is now in a far more acceptable state now.

Review from Steam

Had to replay this immediately to demolish Adam Smasher again

Review from Steam

Patch 1.5 fixed everything for me.
The quests make more sense.
The fixers make more sense.
The map and mini map make more sense.
The driving is a lot more fun.
Throwing knives and a katana were something I never knew I needed.
The city feels a little bit more alive.
The voice acting was always great, but now the npc facial expressions flow more with the dialogue. Like, Judy actually rolled her eyes at me in a believable way.
Played for hours without having to reload or crash because of a glitch.
It's all I want to play. It cured (replaced) my Skyrim addiction.

Review from Steam

Watches Edgerunners -> Downloads Cyberpunk 2077-> has the time of his life

Review from Steam

I remember hearing about Cyberpunk 2077 around when it was announced. I was interested because I could tell that it would be a tough game to run - performance wise, and it had Keanu Reeves in it. Then when it came out... It was everywhere, and everyone said it sucked. It was a broken mess of a game that wasn't even finished, so I vowed to myself that I would never buy such a hunk of garbage.
2 years later...
I'm bored, it's a Saturday. I'm on Netflix wondering what to watch; I had watched A Silent Voice & Breaking Bad a few days earlier, they were both great in their own ways. Then, on the main screen of Netflix I see: Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. I think to myself, oh it's going to just be an advertisement by one of my favorite animation studios (Studio Trigger) that got paid to make this. I was wrong, the story swept me in like a storm and I was 200% engaged in all 10 episodes.
1 day later...
I can't stop thinking about that show, the characters, and even more that was in it. I look on YouTube to people playing some Cyberpunk 2077. "It looks decent and actually pretty fun now," I said to myself. I saw on YouTube that you could get Rebecca's shotgun, David's jacket, etc. in Cyberpunk 2077 and I thought that was dope. I want this game now.
2 days later...
I see everywhere how the player count has increased to 50,000 concurrent players on Steam; just crazy, and the game was on sale at the time, right after patch/update 1.6, so at 10:15 P.M. I bought the game and sold some Counter Strike cases to pay for tax. I let it download and got on the game after I was done with everything I had to do the next day.
Present day...
This game is insane, I love everything about it, the details put into the game, and the constant care that CD Projekt Red has given it after the game's launch up to today & onward. They fixed their game, and made a true piece of art. I've played a lot of story-driven games in my day, but none come close to the absolute experience that this game has given me: emotionally, mentally, etc. I love this game and trust me when I say that the game is fixed now & it is my favorite game of 2022 so far. (even though it came out in 2020, patch 1.5 - 1.6 has made it a new game with all of the features and bug fixes that they've added) Also, they got over 105,000 concurrent players just a day and a half later!
Some thoughts:
This game has too much to do other than the main story and (at the time of writing this...) I've sunk almost 40 hours into it already after only 7 days. It is an open-world experience to level the fun and quality of games like: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Grand Theft Auto: V, and much more. This game is amazing and I 100% recommend buying it.
Also watch the anime, even if you don't like anime that much, but you like this game... It's so great and the story in both the game and the show are breathtaking. 11/10.

Review from Steam

Patch 1.5 made the game what it should have been when it released. I've done three playthroughs, one when it came out, one after a patch a few months ago, and one now.
Patch 1.5 has been the least buggy that I've ever played the game. There's more content, and more features.
You should never forget that CDPR sold us a buggy, broken game. That features are still incredibly shallow and nothing of what we were initially promised.
But that aside, Cyberpunk 2077 is still a story, and a world, worth experiencing. I'd get it on sale(it seems to be on sale for a pretty deep discount very often) and not pay full price, but it is still worth getting.
Characters worth meeting, a game worth playing, and a story worth experiencing. Definitely one I'd say you should pick up when the price is right for you.

Review from Steam

This game is an interesting one to review, given the conversation around it. As someone who played it two years after release, here are my thoughts on what the game is like in its current state, without any hype or rage attached to it. In short: I was pleasantly surprised. Like, a lot.
I picked this game up for cheap with low expectations. I expected something flawed but fun in a mindless way like Far Cry but I couldn't have been any more wrong. Cyberpunk 2077 is a game made with genuine love and care, with impressive attention to detail. The game was much more immersive and RPG-like than I thought it'd be, and the characters and story were top-notch. It reminded me a lot of Deus Ex and Fallout: New Vegas.
I think this game deserves special praise for being a AAA open world with zero padding. That is, you can ignore all of the side content and railroad through the main quest and finish the game in 10 hours if you really want to. The side quests are also extremely good though, and I was drawn to doing them solely because I found the characters and world fascinating. I think Night City deserves praise as an open world that feels hand-crafted and intrinsically interesting; nothing in it felt like mindless copied-and-pasted content to me.
Of course, your mileage may vary. This game is not GTA or The Elder Scrolls, and I think a lot of the disappointment that people have with this game even now comes from this fact. The driving isn't great, the pedestrian AI is basic, and you can't go into every single building. But I think that's fine. The game is a story-focused RPG and Night City is just there as the pretty backdrop in between missions. The real meat of this game is the narrative and characters.
For years I'd been hearing about how CDPR didn't "deliver on their promises" but after playing through the whole thing, I can't really say I feel that way. I had a blast and my only true gripe with the game is that it's unfortunately still riddled with bugs. You won't encounter anything game-breaking, but it is worth mentioning, so keep that in mind. Regardless of that though, I was still pleasantly surprised, and this is probably my favorite game I played this year. Long live Night City.

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