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Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world action-adventure RPG that takes place in Night City. The game is being developed by CD Projekt Red using the REDengine 4.

It's time to assume the role of V, a mercenary that is trying to survive and earn as much cash as he/she can in Night City. Players are able to customize the face, body type, body modifications, background, and clothes of V.

There are many different stat categories in the game like Reflex, Cool, Tech, Strength, Intelligence, and Constitution, and unique character classes as well like Solo, NetRunner, and Techie.

Players can consult a ripperdoc that can help them upgrade and purchase all kinds of cyberware implants as well that give you all kinds of special abilities like double jumping, giving you access to arm blades, and so on.

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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous

So, I just finished the main story of the game and can post a review. Actually, I expected something like Detroit: Become Human, instead it turned out to be a GTA in sci-fi skin, thus here are the pros and cons:

+ Open world with lots of variables - good quantity of everything: weapons, cars, quests.

- Poor story, non-mature characters with strange motives, unrealistic body animations, poor dialogs.

3/5 from me, if you have other games to finish, my bet is to go for them first and leave this one for when you have nothing to play.

Review from Steam

Been here since day 1, and I am someone who came from the PS4 version of the game. This has been quite the journey from its horrendous launch to where we are today. Ever since launch I have enjoyed the game, though I do acknowledge that it is completely unacceptable how this game launched, and no video game should launch how Cyberpunk 2077 did. I'd say that this game has been "playable" since its 1.3 updates, but it wasn't in a state where I could fully recommended this game to others due to it still being in a worst state than early day Skyrim or the likes. Now here we are, the 1.5 relaunch update has brought us the "next gen" update to the game. Whatever you want to actually call this update, it brings the soft overhaul to the game in terms of stability and actual feature and mechanics rebalance to make the game far better in its design, and thus making it feel better to play, along with its far improved stability. The game is now at a state where I could fully recommend it.
The game is still far from being perfect, as certain play styles far outclass other play styles in terms of combat, especially melee combat, as its still pretty stiff and a bit of a button masher at times. Content still feels weirdly distributed around the map with some areas being far more dense in terms of content than others. Any other complaints I have would just be nitpicking at the game really.
There is a lot to like about this game. The characters do feel genuine in who they are and what roles they play. The combat and stealth in most areas feels good or great mechanically and in execution. Traversing the world is never really a chore, given the amount of different vehicle types, the large number of fast travel locations, and general movement speed when on the ground thanks to the not terrible stamina amount you have along with the very basic parkour system you get access to. The decent variation in quests has a mix of combat, detective work, or even stealth retrieval, sometimes a multiple of styles. Depending on which skill tree you spec in, it actually changes a lot of how you approach each quest. You can go in stealthy, or go in guns blazing or fist swingin' if the quest allows for it. The driving was alright before the 1.5 update, but it is now incredible how much better it feels to control in the 1.5 update given the new types of driving options you have. There is a large variety of cars and motorbikes you can obtain too, and you don't even need to buy any to have good options. You can good a good selection of vehicles by just doing the main campaign.
I really genuinely like this game, a lot. It is far from perfect, but it is really fun to play. If you were unsure about the game before, but were thinking about jumping in with this update coming out, you should play it. I highly recommend the game now. It is a lot of fun, and is now in a far more acceptable state now.

Review from Steam

Patch 1.5 fixed everything for me.
The quests make more sense.
The fixers make more sense.
The map and mini map make more sense.
The driving is a lot more fun.
Throwing knives and a katana were something I never knew I needed.
The city feels a little bit more alive.
The voice acting was always great, but now the npc facial expressions flow more with the dialogue. Like, Judy actually rolled her eyes at me in a believable way.
Played for hours without having to reload or crash because of a glitch.
It's all I want to play. It cured (replaced) my Skyrim addiction.

Review from Steam

Unlike CDPR, I finished the game.

Review from Steam

Patch 1.5 made the game what it should have been when it released. I've done three playthroughs, one when it came out, one after a patch a few months ago, and one now.
Patch 1.5 has been the least buggy that I've ever played the game. There's more content, and more features.
You should never forget that CDPR sold us a buggy, broken game. That features are still incredibly shallow and nothing of what we were initially promised.
But that aside, Cyberpunk 2077 is still a story, and a world, worth experiencing. I'd get it on sale(it seems to be on sale for a pretty deep discount very often) and not pay full price, but it is still worth getting.
Characters worth meeting, a game worth playing, and a story worth experiencing. Definitely one I'd say you should pick up when the price is right for you.

Review from Steam

I know what you're thinking. Like me, you probably see this on a sale, and think it's gone down in price, it was a hot topic a while ago, and maybe you should take advantage of the opportunity that you see before you and pick it up while you have the chance. It's been out for a while, and they've probably cleared out most of the bugs by now, and it's *probably* a pretty good game at this point.
It is. Kind of. You'll probably be able to make it through the main story, and a few of the most important side quests relatively bug free. The story is great. I think it's partially worth it on story alone. But because of that, you'll be longing for more. You'll keep seeing it in your steam library a month or two later, and feel guilty that you haven't picked it back up again. But you'll know that as soon as you do, you will continually be disappointed.
It feels unfinished outside of the main story. There's content there, but it gets repetitive really quickly. There are tons of opportunities to buy new vehicles, and do more side gigs. But half of the time spent playing the game outside of the main story arc is spent searching through articles and forum posts about how to get an event to trigger that you missed, or to hack your way around an issue here or there. Mission events that are totally out of your control like waiting for a phone call just don't happen. And the worst part is, yes, you can get it to work. You can *technically* play everything that exists in the game in its current state. But eventually the workarounds will become too cumbersome. You'll let it sit on your recently played list for a while, until the next sale, when you can replace it with something better.
I'm just here to tell you that when this time inevitably comes, it's okay to let it go. You had a great run, but there's no shame in uninstalling. Just be sure to remember all of the good times that you had together.

Review from Steam

Edits were made for grammar and spelling.
Honestly, in spite of the failed promises of CDPR, especially at launch, if I take the emotions out of it, this was still a really fun game for me. The TL;DR of this review? 8/10 Give it a shot, but walk into this experience not with the intention of making your own specific character and doing a lot of heavy "custom" RP (i.e. "I'm going to make my V be a corpo stooge this run" won't be possible. V, male/female/neither, is a pre-defined character more in line with Cmdr Shepard in Mass Effect than The Courier in Fallout:NV) instead think of this experience like an open-world FPS campaign with some more significant choices thrown in to influence the outcome and you can customize your character's appearance.
Now, I recognize that the CONS section is longer and more involved than the PROS, but quantity does not outweigh quality in my opinion.
- The world is *genuinely* immersive in the macroscopic view. Crowds seem to bustle, music fits the setting, traffic jams occur, Night City's appearance and soundscape are genuinely, dare I say it, "Breathtaking"
- The characters, especially 3/4 of the potential love interests are solid characters in their own right and I thoroughly enjoy their stories.
- The Main Story, while having it's odd ticking bomb type timeline which will be mentioned later, is honestly pretty solid. You've got basically 3 choices for finales (a fourth hidden one that's exceptionally difficult), the characters are honestly pretty in-depth and believable, the stakes fit the Cyberpunk (as a copywritten universe specifically) vibe, and the ending I feel leaves us with some really awesome potential for a DLC expansion onto the end of the story or a sequel depending on your choices.
- For me personally, Keanu's performance, is a highlight. I believe him to be a genuinely solid character, well acted, if occasionally a bit clumsily written (mostly in the dialogues between him and V, their dynamic can feel a little confusing like seeing their relationship evolve but out of order or something at times). I recognize some apparently find his performance sub-par, but I disagree and frankly I don't think I as an actor (granted, mostly stage musicals) would have made any different character choices if I had his role. I believe it to be well-executed on that front.
- The straight male, gay female, and straight female romances are genuinely, I think, extremely well written with the gay female romance being honest to goodness one of the best love stories I've played through. Hell, even in my first run as a male who can't romance her, I genuinely enjoyed her story and the friendship presented. On par, IMO with the Tali-Shepard romance or the Garrus bro-mance in Mass Effect.
- When appropriately leveled or slightly overleveled, the gunplay feels genuinely pretty nice IMO. There are definitely better games, but for a studio's first outing on FPS, this is a serious win.
- The aesthetic of the outfits are genuinely fantastic to me. Personally, I ignore the core stats until it's clear a clothing item of a given style is just plainly under-leveled, but usually you'll find a suitable replacement with better stats well before the stats become a problem. I think to have a better time, just look as fresh as you want, unless you're playing on the highest difficulties, I frankly don't see much benefit to optimizing your armor. Treat it like armor in Dark Souls, it's basically aesthetic
- THE TIMELINE PRESENTED IN THE MAIN PLOT IS TOO SHORT TO REALISTICALLY RP YOURSELF INTO PLAYING THE SIDE QUESTS. Without going into spoilers, the main story pretty quickly after the tutorial/prologue gives you a nebulous timeline of, "a couple weeks" with some heavy stakes attached which frankly is not enough time to *really* do anything else believably. But a lot of the best material is in the side-quests. So I honestly just kinda handwave and imagine that for most of my run, I'm still playing V's backstory pre-inciting incident until I hit the last couple missions where the main-plot becomes relevant again. This one there's no fixing unless they rerecord some lines or something and as a heavy RP-focused player who loves exploring worlds, this is my biggest individual gripe.
- Still a wee bit buggy/unoptimized. I play with a fairly up-to-date middle upper range PC with a 2070 Super and there are times where the frame rate will drop to ~50 from the 90+ on 1080p and ultra settings. It's far better than it used to be, I'd even go so far as to say it's less buggy than most games on release nowadays, but if you've got a low tolerance, stay away.
- Melee combat feels wonky af and enemies can be bullet spongey, though these have both improved. Melee combat might not be fixable or at least not easily, the bullet spongey thing though can still be improved a bit.
- Driving feels weird at times (honestly, if you play a nomad, will quickly have *the* best vehicle in terms of speed, acceleration, and handling in my opinion and it's basically free). Vehicles are "floaty", deceleration seems almost logarithmic than linear on keyboard and mouse, Minimap is still a bit too small. This is all fixable.
- The Straight Male romaceable character, if you are RPing either a purely lesbian female character or even a bi female character who's loyal to their girlfriend, doesn't seem to take polite hints of lack of interest to back off. He's otherwise a really sweet and genuinely good guy, but it sucks to the point that I, when playing a female character already in a relationship with someone else or otherwise uninterested, will avoid the last mission with this guy. Not likely if ever to be fixed.
- The City's immersion falls short upon scrutiny at the micro level. NPCs seem to go nowhere and panic for almost no reason, there are no other motorcycles on the roads (plenty parked, none driving), and there are no roaming cops/gang patrols which kinda hurts too. These are all fixable.
- The fact that clothes/weapons can be the exact same kind, but have drastically different stats kinda bugs me. I wish they'd just have like 3-5 tiers of any one weapon/clothing item which indicates overall effectiveness/damage rating/quality and maybe even make the items of a given tier have a different appearance determined by it (i.e. tier 1 handgun of this model has visible rust/pitting/dings/nicks, vs tier 4 looking fresh off the table of a custom gunsmith). In the end though, this is an extremely minor gripe and not likely to be fixed.
- You can't just transmog your outfit overtop whatever you have currently equipped to make the optimizers who want to RP happy. At least to my knowledge, this hasn't been addressed outside of mods but really shouldn't be *that* difficult to implement.
- Still no haircuts or customizable tattoos or even more overtly visible body mods either in general or just after character creation. I feel these are still pretty core to the Cyberpunk experience as an aesthetic and idea, yet do not exist yet outside of mods to my knowledge. This is a super easy fix and I hope they include it in the big update they're planning to drop soon that I've heard rumors about.

Review from Steam

If you've been thinking about buying, I'd recommend doing so in the current sale or Winter Sale. I've installed some mods this past week and they really do improve the game to the point to where I'd say it's worth a buy, even at full price. I've got about 15 installed right now, and they all work great so far. The awesome part is they are simply small config type files that are only KBs in size. I think the largest mod I installed so far was 2MB. All you do is download and then extract the contents into the root installation folder....quickest mods I've ever done. I'm probably going to make a guide that'll include installation instructions as well as a one file package that includes all the best mods.
There are sooo many mods out there, and some are highly configurable, rivaling the best popular mod-able games. These mods fix bugs, game-play balancing, broken perks, life-path bonuses, gang traits, UI improvements, vehicle handling, better NPCs and crowds, traffic, better melee etc. They also can add cut content like street vendor trading and even wall climbing. You can even unlock the ability to romance characters you'd otherwise not be able to (I'm going to bone Judy Alvarez as a male V, haha).
If you have the cash and are even interested in the game I think you should take the plunge. $30 is a steal for what it can become with just a couple minutes of post installation tweaking.
P.S. - the official patch 1.5 is going to drop in a few months when they release the next gen console version of the game. It's supposed to be a huge update with lots of fixes and perhaps even restored content. That patch (and future patches) will most likely (hopefully) negate the need for mods. I know now it's definitely possible to fix this game and make it what we all expected it to be...the question is will it be done officially or by the modding community (so far the modding community has a massive head start).
P.S.S. - My opinion of the publisher has not changed....f*ck 'em. The devs are not to blame, but the suits are. The launch was an abomination, something I'll never forget. I'll never again buy a game at launch from CDPR. Yes, I'm recommending it now, but only thanks to the modders. Buy as cheap as you absolutely can.
EDIT: These are the mods I have installed and working as of 12/29/21. These can be found on nexusmods (except the "disable auto save", which I made).
- Cyber Engine Tweaks (REQUIRED Prerequisite)
- Redscript (REQUIRED Prerequisite)
- Full Gameplay Rebalance
- Wall Hang (activated by Q key)
- Lifepath Bonuses and Gang-Corp Traits
- AI Netrunners Enhanced (No Imminent Sy...
- Flib's UI Improvements
- Cyber Vehicle Overhaul
- Cyber Drifting
- Crowds and Traffic
- Performance Boost
- Sensible Stamina and Athletics
- Street Vendors
- Better Melee
- StreetStyle - Immersive Fashion System
- Simple XP Multiplier
- Weather Probability Rebalance (No Sandst...
- More Gore
- Better Finer Rain
- No Intro Videos - With News Report
- Improved Mini Map Zoom
- Draw Distance Boost
- Enhanced Police
- DLSS 2.3
- Extra Vehicle Controls (Controller Version)
- Better Vehicle First Person
- Full Armor Rebalance
- Eyes LOD Fix
- Disable Auto-save (See my guide)
- GTA Fast Travel
- Tyler’s Cool-Ass Patch - INSTALL LAST

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