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Cyberforge: First Light

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Cyberforge: First Light is a free to play Developer Build. The FULL VERSION to be released some time in early 2022. We look forward to your thoughts as we improve the game together.

The game has been in production for only 4 months so far, so expect bugs and plenty of incomplete features. The full game will feature a more robust survival mode as well as the full story mode where players will discover what happened to humanity and whether this trio of dwarves has what it takes to make it home alive.

About the GameOverviewCyberforge: First Light is the FREE Developer Build for our upcoming game, Cyberforge! This build features only the game's Endless Mode with random dungeon rooms and rogue-style restart when you die. We offer this free version to share our progress while also testing our gameplay and AI. We hope you will join us in our development journey. More about the FULL VERSION below.FULL VERSION (Coming Soon)A top-down adventure with real-time tactical combat, team-based puzzles and RPG elements. Far from home and with no memory of the apocalypse, the dwarves do what they do best - Fight, Loot and Forge. through hordes of murderous bots lead by a homicidal AI overlord. Move your team into position and work with your fellow dwarves in a real-time game of tactical leapfrog. Choose the right dwarf for the right job and your way forward will be much smoother.

Grab an extra controller or two and enjoy the game with friends with seamless drop in/out co-op play.Mechanics
  • Switch dwarves to use their special abilities to solve puzzles - hacking, jumping, moving heavy objects
  • Join or leave a game at anytime - play with up to 3 players
  • Hack, smash or bypass murderous robots to progress deeper into this urban dungeon
  • Collect loot that can be used to forge stronger gear to face the challenges ahead
  • Discover what happened to humanity and the fate of your fellow dwarves.
Real-time ActionKnowing when to move a dwarf and when to hold position provides a unique challenge not present in similar games. The game AI allows your team to move as a deadly unit but you will often need to temporarily leave one of your team behind to control a strategic point. Choosing the right dwarf will greatly improve your chances.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

EDIT 3 DEC 2020:
There was a game update yesterday and it seems like the developer is listening to input from his audience, which is awesome because this game does not need much in the way of mechanics and balance. The enemies are harder, the variety of enemies is greater, you can tell your characters to hold still, and here is a video of gameplay!
In my book, Cyberforge: First Light is a top notch example of what early access should look like. It's very well polished and, depending on what other levels are added, very close to being 100% complete. The mechanics are smooth, although there needs to be some balancing, and gameplay is fluid with just a couple of bugs (that I found).
In this prologue, the player can only select the "Endless" game mode, which is about 5 levels in a loop. You can regenerate health at the main base, which is basically an indoor campsite, and you can collect XP tokens but they don't seem to do anything. This prologue is basically a preview of functionality and general controls/gameplay.
Some suggestions:
- There needs to be some balancing of the power of the player controlled characters (combat is too easy)
- Make randomly generated levels
- The workshop was not working in the prologue (as in, I could not edit stats or gear)
- Some ability to pan the camera would be nice
- Two different platforms bugged out and would not work when they were supposed to, one of them was a game breaker and I had to reset
Some cool things:
- I like how the AI controlled characters will dodge shots from enemies
- I like the artwork, especially the detailed artwork of the player characters in the workshop
- Overall gameplay is smooth and as expected

Review from Steam

The idea is good, but the processing is very simple yet. It has potential for the future and keep my fingers crossed for further development.

Review from Steam

Cyberforge: First Light
fast game with modern day graphics with easy controls that moves from location A to B to C and so on,
sometimes difficult to move blocks and AI team members block blocks when moving them.
good game.
Personal Suggested Purchase Price: NA (Free To Play)

Review from Steam

Super awesome and its in its early stages LOL cannot wait to see how this game evolves. The artwork is super sick, the sounds are cool and the music great. U can choose to control 1 of 3 different characters all working together with unique abilities... yes, that.

Review from Steam

this game looks amazing and i cant wait to see the full version please keep working on it.

Review from Steam

Review from Steam

TLDR: Very good game for early access.
My only real critique is a bug report. At first I thought that more rooms haven't been designed yet, but I'm on my third run so far and the same room keeps repeating, even though I know different ones exist that I've been in before, so there may be a small bug with rooms repeating.
In terms of what the game has to offer its a very good rogue like with good strategy and fun puzzles, and It's very fun to get good at.

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