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Cursed Spire

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Cursed Spire combines the best aspects of RPG and survival genres to offer a unique experience. Explore unknown islands, build a comfy house, fight or cooperate with other players to survive in a world full of mysteries and danger. It's up to you whether you want to become an archer, a soldier, or a mage. Discover lost artifacts to figure out all the secrets.

Key Features:

  • Seasons and Weather. Rain, fog, snow, and thunderstorm affect your character and gameplay.

  • Multiplayer. Play alone, with friends, or random people. Fight or work together towards your goal.

  • Combat Variety. Hundreds of weapons for your taste: swords, axes, spears, bows, crossbows, pistols. You can choose the one which fits your playstyle.

  • RPG Leveling and Progression. Advanced talents tree allows the player to make unique characters in each playthrough.

  • Building and Decorating. Every player needs a home. Build and customize it however you want.

  • Crafting. Find blueprints and learn how to make powerful weapons, tasty food, armor, furniture, or elixirs.

  • Story and Exploration. Complete quests to learn more about the world and figure out the secrets of mysterious islands.
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