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MORE THAN A TOWER DEFENCE - Cubelander is a tower-defence game mixed with resource management, where you defend the sacred cubeverse against hostile forces, and discover the singularity that is summoning these geometrical invaders. Immerse yourself inside Symmetria and find the backstory behind every faction. Not everything is as it seems...

COUNTLESS PLAYSTYLES - Will you spend your money on full defensive capabilities, build up your resource economy to sustain your defence, or rely on faithful defenders to do the job? Cubelander also makes a normally-boring tower defence map into a full on battlefield, with enemies, defenders and towers all interacting seamlessly amongst each other.

INTERACTIVE MAPS - Fight inside 4 unique environments! (We're not going to spoil), and overcome the unique challenges of each environment, and use the track to your advantage. Defeat each kind of enemy, which each possess a different, significant threat to the safety of your cores!

EASY OR... INFURIATINGLY DIFFICULT - Adjust the difficulty of the game as you wish. Play on Casual for a laid back experience, (or for the lore) or play on Invictus mode and have to re-learn the game again! (Only for the most cunning). Test your strategical prowess in elite special stages!

This game designed is for EVERYONE. Whether you are a tower defence champion or just a casual player, the game has something for YOU. A complete beginner would feel totally comfortable starting at 1-1 on casual mode, whereas a pro may go for that Invictus 3-S (hardest level on the hardest difficulty) Nothing is unbeatable with enough tower enhancements!
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