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Crossedland is a game all about exploration and forming friendships as you fight for your survival in a strange world. If you’ve always loved building villages, farming, and taking care of villagers but wished there was more action and exploration, Crossedland is the home for you!

During your journey, you will meet a wide assortment of characters that you can let come live on your private island with you. Bringing them along also brings their needs and wants, so expect requests ranging from better equipment and bigger houses to pink sofas and hard-to-get artifacts. Make them happy and they might even provide you with useful information, recipes, or devices.

It’s not all about your town, though. Crossedland is dangerous and full of creatures that want to eat you and people that want to rob you. You will have to equip yourself and brave the wilds to find new friends and solve the mystery of the planet and your arrival.

At the start, you will have close to nothing. A small pond of fresh water, some trees, bland mushrooms, and some rocks. You will fight with wooden sticks and bows, wearing nothing but flimsy handmade clothes, but eventually, you’ll work your way up (with the right friends) to steel and even stronger alien metals.

Find enough hidden tech on the planet, and some of the people you meet will be able to reverse engineer it and upgrade you to the future with energy weapons and near-impenetrable armor.

A genre mash-up, Crossedland will let you build a town, recruit villagers, delve dungeons, explore deep caves, farm crops, cook, craft, gather resources, and eventually even automate your farms and gathering operations while you look for a way off the planet for you and your new companions.

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