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About the GameDo you have what it takes to run the city? Let’s find out! Start your journey as a teenage gangster in a dangerous city district. Run simple jobs: pickpocket, act as a courier, pick locks, all under the police’s nose. Earn respect with the city gangs and don’t let the cops catch you!

Choose where you belong

Choose what you want to specialize in. Do you wanna steal from cars? Deal drugs? Or maybe burglary is your thing? There are three prominent gangs in your city and each is a master of its craft. It’s your choice which one to start with.

Work your way up

Run jobs for the gangs to increase your influence and standing within their ranks. As your reputation grows, so will the difficulty and prestige of your tasks. High rank comes with many perks, like talking your way out of trouble with the police. But remember, reputation can be lost.

Take over

The more you do something, the better you become. Run, jump, pick locks, steal, parkour your way around the city and increase your skills in all that you do. Increase your reputation with the gangs… And take over!


  • Do quests and earn reputation points with all gangs
  • Hide in the shadows and avoid being detected by the police
  • Use the verticality of the terrain and parkour around the city
  • Play lockpicking minigames with either a lockpick or a crowbar
  • Gain access to and decorate your own hideout
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Age Verification
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