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Crazy Empress

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If you love first person puzzles and games, Crazy Empress is going to be one of the best games for you. The user-friendly intuitive interface and relaxing music will let you enjoy the puzzles. Collect all the puzzles and the Empress will thank you for it!

In the first-person game, you will visit ancient Egypt! The Empress, who loves to have sex very much, gives you a task in which you need to collect all the puzzles. Drag and drop elements to the desired place to assemble the picture into a coherent whole! Immerse yourself in this exciting process. Collect all the pictures and for this the generous Empress will reward you with hot sex! Collect all the challenging puzzles and fuck the Empress!

Features of the game:

3 different puzzles!

Relaxing music and cool atmosphere!

Catchy, intuitive gameplay!

Beautiful sex scenes!

Very beautiful graphics!
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

I received this game from someone. This being my first adult game on steam I was unsure to a certain extent what I was about to get into by opening up this soon as I booted the game up and saw the settings I had a feeling that I new I was going to go for a crazy ride with "Crazy Empress". Truly the creator put time and effort into creating this puzzle game while making sure you would not fail to reach the objective. After playing this game, the finale was jaw dropping (much like the empress in the picture above) and eventually ended in joy and a smile on my face after finishing the game in 17 min. I am now to the point of pondering as to what my next move will be in my day. Will I play the game again to see if I missed anything to the story? Will I move on to another game? Only time will tell...

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