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Cosmic Star Heroine

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Alyssa L'Salle was one of the top secret agents at the Agency of Peace & Intelligence on the Planet Araenu. But when she uncovers a horrible conspiracy, she has to go rogue in order to save the day! Can Alyssa save the galaxy when everyone (and everything) is out to stop her! Features: The best of classic and modern RPGs! Brisk pacing that respects your time! Save anywhere! No separate battle screen! Battles take place directly in the areas that you explore! 2D visual style straight from the height of gaming's 16-bit era! Animated cutscenes reminiscent of the Sega CD & Turbo Duo era! Soundtrack by HyperDuck SoundWorks (Dust: An Elysian Tail, Precipice of Darkness 4)! Over 100 minutes of music! Multi-character combo techniques! Innovative turn-based combat system that focuses on flow & strategy! Your own spaceship! Recruit new agents to help your home base grow!
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Cosmic Star Heroine
Cosmic Star Heroine. Fantastic RPG at times, with some (major) flaws.
+Dialogue and monster descriptions
+Cutscenes and art style
+Secrets and optional stuff
+-A lot of abilities you never use
-Characters and lore
-Roleplaying elements
-Balance at the end
-UI for stats and buffs
In-Depth Analysis:
While the story is a bit generic, it's solid from start to finish. Only the pacing is a bit strange. The game throws thing after thing at you, character after character. With no background or lore about the three planets to explore, the main/secondary characters, or the villains. It's a bit of a shame that so much potential was wasted here. Because the setting is just awesome. An extremely interesting sci-fi theme mixed with cyperpunk, espionage and dark secrets to be uncovered.
And from a technical point of view, the game is just top notch. The music, the cutscene, the artwork, all the little details. Dialogues and monster descriptions are usually golden. There is a lot of (weird) humor and hidden references in the game. Also lots of optional stuff and secrets to discover. Like some of the great old RPGs.
Let's get to the worst part. The turn-based combat is great and pretty straight forward, but most of the skills are just useless and you'll never use them. And in later stages, some combos just become so OP that you can one-shot everything, even bosses. So why use any DOT, improve your style, or play in any other way when it takes you twice or thrice as long to kill something? The balance from mid to endgame is unfortunately a mess.
And the combat UI could be a lot better. While you can see the debuffs, you never see any buffs for the group. You can never really tell if the stack, which buff is on, or even if they do anything at all. You can't even see stats in the menu. There's definitely a lot of room for improvement there.
Flaws aside, Cosmic Star Heroine is well worth the money if you like the gerne, or want to get into it. It would be perfect if there was a little more focus on the characters' lore and personalities. While for some you get a little bit of background info, but for some not even that. Not even on the mainchar. The same applies to the planets and societies.
Anyway, I still recommend it at full price and definitely on sale. Overall, it took me just over 20 hours to get to 100%, so that's good value for that kind of money.
Personal Score: 8/10

Review from Steam

Neat little JRPG, for a JRPG it's short but sweet, around 12h~. Played it fully on the Deck 5w TDP @ 60fps.
Story is a bit cliché but its like that on most jrpgs. Combat is pretty simple with a "hyper" turn every few turns where you do more damage, and earning style using skills that give you style so you do more damage and enemies get stronger as time passes on too. Sound is ok, what you would expect from a small jrpg, and the game has short cinematics which is kinda sweet.
I recommend getting it if you want to experience a retro jrpg thats short and not having to invest crazy amount of hours into it.

Review from Steam

Good but short 16bit jrpg

Review from Steam

Cosmic Star Heroine is a neat little (15hoursish) indie 16-bit style JRPG. It's a funny & rather charming sci-fi adventure with good humour and a unique and interesting battle system.
I'll start with the gameplay as I feel this is the highlight: the battle system is rather unique. It's turnbased (conditional turnbased for any nerds who are into this stuff - which is my fav kind!) and you get to select a set of moves that once used have to be refreshed. On top of this each character goes "hyper" every X amount of turns which increases the effectiveness of that move used that turn.
What you end up with is a rotation of moves that you can optimise and strategise with. As you can swap your party members and moves outside of battle, you can come up with unique combos – it’s really fun!
This works as on the equivalent of normal difficulty as the game is slightly more challenging than most JRPGs. Standard enemies will likely need you to apply your brain, since you can’t hammer “Attack” over and over and this applies even more so for bosses. Optional bosses are an even greater challenge, which require you to fine tune a strategy and there’s one final dungeon (who’s final boss I could not beat) that requires you to basically break the game. I thought this combination of challenges was a great use of this combat system.

This is complemented by the fact that there are no random battles and so combat rarely gets tiresome (plus if you die you get to just redo the fight). There’s just a good number of enemies sprinkled around the place. For the dungeons: there were some great early/mid game dungeons with slight puzzles which I found interesting to travel through, though some (especially later on) just involved walking & fighting, which was less interesting (but fine).
The story does what it wants to do well, for the most part. This isn’t a huge sweeping JRPG where you’ll get to know the characters super well and really they just serve the story and combat system. The tone leans on humour quite a bit and I feel that was a good choice: it’s done well and doesn’t feel overdone.
I loved the world they had built and am glad they chose this over say, a medieval setting. The Big Brother vibes at the beginning were a highlight for me. There’s a well thought out universe here.
Overall, while the story didn’t overly engross me, it tied the game together well and entertained me with the worldbuilding and humour. My only real gripe was the final act, which I will not spoil, but kind of came out of nowhere? And didn’t really amount to much? It felt like the devs wanted a excuse to amp it up and it fell flat there for me.
Finally the art and music: The art is phenomenal. You get full-screen pixel art cutscenes which look amazing and the spritework is fantastic.
The music is good: a few tracks were complete bops even if a lot of it washed over me. It always fit the vibe and never got annoying.
Oh I should mention: I got one annoying bug that cost me some progress. One of my characters could freeze the game when they attacked. Kind of annoying but that’s the only bug outside of some minor graphics stuff and once I remembered to save often, this was fine as it didn’t occur much.
Overall: great little indie JRPG. A must for turnbased combat enjoyers and sci-fi or humour fans. Less here for people who exclusively play JRPGs for the story but even that was good.

Review from Steam

A tightly made magnum opus, this game is not overly long but is incredibly rewarding and of the highest quality. It takes after Chrono Trigger in story design and visuals, and has a great sense of humor and humanity. It’s combat system is creative and quite tactical, as well. If you like JRPGs, you owe it to yourself to play this game.

Review from Steam

This is a fun Chrono Trigger style old school RPG with some interesting systems. The plot is alright, the characters are fine, the super bosses were too strong without grinding, the humor was nice, and I enjoyed the game very much.

Review from Steam

Zeboyd took the next step from their play on NES JRPGs and joined the SNES era with a fun, light game that plays like Chrono Trigger, more or less.

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