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About the Game
Coronation is an online open-world medieval game developed by Twin Sword Studio with the help of lovely Patreons and a closely-knitted Discord community. It is inspired by Mount & Blade Bannerlord, Rust, Sims 3/4, Runescape, Anno 1404 and Tropico 6.

  • Multiplayer open-world and Quests
Hop on to our main dedicated server or host one yourself. Find a good location in the world to build a great castle with or without friends, and complete main story quests!

  • Decorate and furnish your interiors
There is a wide variety of functional furniture that you can decorate your interiors, and your people can make use of the furniture too!

  • Your own personal workforce and army
As the head of the castle, you can manage the jobs that your people do for you! Villagers can also level up and become stronger.

  • Defend your castle or attack enemies
You'll need to protect your people and property. Train a formidable army and equip them with powerful weapons!

  • Directional combat for accuracy
If you're a fan of Directional Combat, you'll love being able to control your swings to where you want it to land at.
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Hello Gamers,
I am a gamer and i have been all my life, through the years playing all kinds of games i was able to appreciate what makes a game a hit or a flop. We have to take the time to test it out. I like strategy games (Crusader Kings series, Total War series, Europa Universalis, Civilization series, etc...), PvP (Counter Strike, PLanetSide, etc..) , Builders (Everquest Next Landmark was my favorite) and games in a Medieval era (Kingdom Come : Deliverance (one of my favorite game of all time). If you put all these genres together you get a game that is out there right now and FREE TO PLAY ! : CORONATION !.
What do i think of it at this stage ?
Plant a flag and build your legacy!
I love what they have going already : a Medieval era Strategy / Builder / PvP game in which you can build up to 3 castles, have villagers that will gather ressources, craft and fight for you. Your character evolves from peasant to emperor/empress through your adventures (there is no level cap...for all of those who wonder : ) ) You can make friends with your neighbours or go to war with them. Gain honor to outrank them or sharpen your skills to outwit them. The base of the game is solid, i tried it for fun and after 15 minutes i was hooked. The game is in early access, there is work ongoing. The Devs are very motivated and omnipresent, they are on everyday and welcome gamer's input (which is quite refreshing these days). They have their own discord server on which you can follow the progress of the game, updates, future patches, bug reports, art gallery, etc... and ask questions, suggest things you would like to be included in the game.
The Future of Coronation
It looks very promising, the game as it stands today is but a taste of what they want to deliver to the gamer community which is an in depth strategy/ builder/ PvP game. For example, recently they updated to a bigger map.
My verdict
I recommend this game, give it a try you will be hooked. On top of being my only game played right now (got 513 hours played), its FREE TO PLAY.. what more can we ask for?

Review from Steam

A lot of bugs in Early Access, but playable.
It gave me so much fun within 5 hours of gameplay. Spontaneus travelling underworld, dual-weild sheilds, mastering 'fisting' skills on bandits. Addictive and fun.
With cozy music and friendly community.

Review from Steam

Really great start, a game that has alot of potential! Its early so theres bugs sure, but the building is alot of fun and training your villagers into an army is awesome! Nice people as well, the devs are friendly and have lots of great ideas for the future. There is also pvp when you level up later though i havent tried that yet.

Review from Steam

I like hack and slash, crafting and building so Coronation checked all my boxes. I just had to try this.
I started off just wanting to see what it was like, well TEN hours of gaming later I'm STOKED.
Build a base for you and your villagers(beware of bandit attacks), task your villagers to mine ore, harvest crops, or make them train combat skills then go to war with bandits, zombies, and evil knights set on taking over the world.
I don't leave reviews (unless I'm unhappy) but this is worthy of a good review.
Yeah its early access but its super fun and its free. Sure some bugs as expected for early access games but no crashes or anything game breaking.
I got to play with some of the devs, they are nice and helpful they actually listen to ideas.
Just keep doing what your doing, this game is wicked fun and I cant wait to see what comes next.
no compensation needed just playing Coronation is reward enough. keep up the good work

Review from Steam

Building your own towns and raising the population. A bunch of different skills to train for your character and also for your people. Overall very fun so far and the roadmap looks insanely good. I imagine some people might have trouble with starting out, but the learning curve isn't bad. Give it a try, you got nothing to lose.

Review from Steam

Great game if you look passed the current lack of content due to being early access. The basics are there for sure. People management, crafting, gathering resources, building castles, laying siege to other players, decent sized wars as well. The devs also seem pretty dedicated and very helpful in the discord. I'd give it a solid 8/10 as there are some things I dislike about it but that'll probably change with the coming updates.

Review from Steam

This game is fun, you can play with friends or without. You can farm berries to eat and feed your villagers, you can farm cotton, chop trees for wood, mine stone and ores. You use the resources to build your castle and make it how you want. As you acquire your villagers, you can assign them jobs. You have to pay your villagers to work, so you have to farm well to get things going. There are bandits that will come by and attack your castle, you and your villagers can fight them off and loot their bodies. You can also go against enemies with other players. It is pvp. The game is decent for being early access, and an update coming very soon, the game has tons of potential.
Update: I now have over 100 hours of gameplay, and enjoying every minute of it. It still has it's bugs and generates new ones along the way, but the developers are always busy trying to fix them, or the are fixing them right away. I've never seen a game like this where the developers are so involved, playing the game, chatting with players and listening to the players. They really love what they do, and love having others join them with their creation. The game is not pay to win, and they do not intend for it to become that, so that is a plus for people that don't want that sort of game. It keeps the game more balanced without having overpowered aspects in the game that ruin the fun for others. I could say much more, but I may add to my review again at a later time. Give the game a try.

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