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Embrace your new-found powers as a shapeshifter in Coridden, an action adventure RPG for 1-4 players. Use your forms to overcome environmental obstacles and defeat tough enemies. Set out on a mission to unravel the mysteries of a lost civilization, and to stop a slumbering threat from erupting once again...

SAVE THE PEOPLE OF A DISTANT WORLDTake the role as one of four thrill-seeking siblings who one day gain superhuman abilities after receiving old artifacts. Explore different paths in the choice-driven dialogues and the various quests you can take on during your mission to save your people.BECOME A SHAPESHIFTER Experience the strength and freedom of being a shapeshifter! Switch between your human and beast whenever you want to utilize each form’s strengths when needed. Gather DNA from the creatures you defeat and use them as items, just like other loot. The different forms aren’t just for combat, you can use them to explore the world in different ways as well as overcome environmental obstacles.FIGHT USING BOTH YOUR SKILL AND CHARACTER BUILDComplement your character build with your own skill in the hack and slash style combat. Learn how and when to attack, dodge, block, jump, shoot, shapeshift, grab and use abilities to take out the aggressive beasts, bandits and security machines that you’ll encounter on your journey.RIDE OUT TOGETHER IN CO-OPUp to 4 players can play together in drop in/drop out co-op gameplay. Work together while fighting, exploring, engaging in dialogues and building your skilltrees. In co-op you also unlock a special team mechanic: riding on each other’s back to become a strong cavalry unit together!

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