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Contraband Police

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As a young graduate of the officer school, you are sent to a border outpost in the mountainous region of Karikatka. Entry to the territory of the Akaristan People’s Republic is regulated by strict party rules, and every step you take is monitored! The situation on the border worsens when one of your comrades dies during an intervention…

Document Check

Every visitor must have a complete set of valid documents with them. Even the slightest discrepancy means denial of entry. Over time, the number of documents will increase, and errors will become more difficult to detect.

Smuggling Detection

Our intelligence regularly provides information on suspicious drivers. Search their vehicles with an ultraviolet flashlight, and then use the appropriate tools to extract the contraband. No smuggled goods should cross the border!


In some situations, you will be forced to use firearms. Your post is a constant target of attacks by the Oberankov gang, and every outing is associated with the risk of confrontation with the enemy.

Police Chases

Desperate smugglers may try to escape the inspection zone. You are obligated to apprehend and arrest them! Buy and upgrade police cars to increase the efficiency of the chase.

Post Management

Upgrade your post to strengthen its defense and improve subsequent management elements. However, keep in mind the growing costs of maintaining the facility. Proper inspections, interception of contraband, and successful interventions are some of the ways to earn money.

Special Missions

Always be ready for emergency intervention. Solve criminal puzzles, support your comrades, and disrupt the plans of the “Bloody Fist” rebels. Make decisions that determine the future of Akaristan.

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