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High-intensity 2D Arcade-style shooter.

Survive waves with different kinds of high powered enemies.

"Comrade in Arms" is an addicting 2D Arcade-shooter, where you can improve your skills and reflexes.Story

You are playing as a strong lone soldier with a powerful gun.

There are different enemies with different weapons and the target is for them to kill you.

The only way to upgrade your weapon is to reach level 5 and 10!

Your special ability is to heal yourself.

The goal is to kill the King to save the planet! Game features: -modern 2D Arcade-shooter

-difficulty increases with every wave

-electric soundtrack will help to shoot the enemies down

-13 diversified levels are existingCredits"Comrade-in-Arms" powered by Traed Studios.

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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

As can be expected from the price, this game is pretty simple and straightforward. But it's responsive, clean, and challenging enough to take some focus. It's earned a spot in my Quick Distractions collection, and I look forward to seeing more by the author.

Review from Steam

This is worth its money. Not expensive at all but has hours worth of gameplay. Definitely Recommend buying it.

Review from Steam

Although only playing this game for a short amount of time, it was quickly brought to my attention how actually interesting this game is! With multiple waves, retro graphics, an obvious challenge to survive to the next wave, this game for sure is a must-play.
I 100% recommend Comrade-in-Arms to anybody in search of a good game!

Review from Steam

great game to have a little fun with, would recommend if needing something to spice your library. great price and has some challenges to it as well. :)

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