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Comic Book Tycoon

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Comic Book Tycoon is a strategy and business management game. You can replay history of comic industry by starting your adventure in the 80s. Finish sub contracts and get experience, create your own comics and unique characters. Once you’re big enough hire different artists to help you to improve your comic and self-publish them. Become the leader of the market and sell your license for movies and TV series.

A journey through comic history

Start your adventure in the 80s in small room. Learn more about economy of comic industry, and get sub-contracts to gain experience.

Create characters your way!

In Comic Studio Tycoon you micromanage development process. Take decision on different areas of production and create character to tell their stories.

Expand your company

Purchase new offices to support more staff. Hire staff, train them and unlock new options. Give contracts to poor countries having cheap labour.

Sell license to Series, Movies

You can sell your stories to movie studios or finance them to get bigger pie of profits.


Creating Comics is no easy task. Deal with different aspect coming with ever changing socio-economical opinion of the world.


  • Start a comic production studio in the 80s
  • Create characters and tell their stories to the world.
  • Make crossover of different characters.
  • Move into bigger offices
  • Forge a world-class development team.
  • Unlock achievements.
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Age Verification
To be able to see content under adult tag.