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Combo Postage is an action-packed platform-puzzle game! Join Sue on her summer job processing packages with a high-tech tape gun.

Risk-Reward Puzzle Action!

  • Run, jump, and climb with responsive three-button controls. Tape up boxes by bumping into them, then stomp to clear 'em out!

  • Get combos by clearing multiple boxes at a time. Set up big combos by letting stacks pile up- just don't take too long to clear them...

  • Two gameplay variants: Go for big combos in Standard, and match numbered cards with combos in Challenge!

  • Runs are quick! When a hazard brings your shift to a close, just dust yourself off and jump back in when you're ready.

  • Lots to do! Check your stats, set up a customized shift, chat with Sue's coworkers, and more.

  • This game is pretty tough, but don't sweat it! You can focus on improving your personal best, go for bragging rights, or just have fun! There's no set ending to Combo Postage, so please play as long as you'd like. (Just not too long, OK?)

Heads up!

Scores are local to players' machines and are not ranked online. There is no plan to implement this in the future. Sorry!! Please consider recording video of your highest scores and sharing over the internet.
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Review from Steam

Clean visuals with a simple but valuable art-style, catchy music, superb controls and a satisfying "one more run" feel. Tons of customisation for both personal preference and accessibility. Outstanding game an at outstanding price, gonna keep an eye on this dev for the foreseeable future.

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