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COG (Center Of Gravity)

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Destroy asteroids and run up the score against your friends in COG (Center of Gravity), a stunning VR homage to the classic arcade game, Asteroids.

You are at the center of the VR action, a swirling ring of asteroids on the edge of planetary ring. Armed with a Gravity Ball, you must hit and deflect your weapon to target and destroy asteroids before your time runs out.
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Played some more and you have to try this game. The thing you hit at the asteroids boomerangs around you as if it was caught in your gravitational pull as it ricochets off the asteroids , it is addictive and competetive in that each game only lasts 60 seconds but you want to, and you know you can, do better to get higher up the global rank, I am now number 5 in the please no one else buy this game :)
Update, Mar 30, 2017
Tip.....The racquet, you use to hit the gravity ball, also controls the amount gravitational pull it has on the ball. Good job devs, what a fantastic idea for VR. This game will become very popular especially at this price.

Review from Steam

Nice! Purchased on sale and For less than the cost of a parking meter it's a great game. Simple addictive gameplay that would probably be best enjoyed with room scale. I'm playing on Oculus touch with 2x2m of space and it's just enough. Physics feel good and that gets you swinging.

Review from Steam

Skinny but very entertaining VR game as of now. It's a nice display of physics gameplay.
Would love to see a additional and / or Endless mode as the default mode is a bit on the short side.

Review from Steam

Game is pretty good, I played it at VRLA and now have a code. There are a few things that are missing that I would like to see, but since this game is early access it has time to improve. Buy during sale if you have Vive or Oculus.

Review from Steam

COG (Center Of Gravity) is an Early Access free to play VR game where you are playing breakout in space verses asteroids. It worked on my HTC Vive system, looked ok, sounded ok, played ok. You have Only 1 minute to score as much as you can. It is difficult to get the ball where you want it. You have a paddle to hit the ball. At one time (2017) this was a paid product, now it is free. It has been in Early Access since 2017.
Try this free to play game.

Review from Steam

I'm on that 5 digit score swag.

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