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Coffee Break: A sip away from doom

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In a tedious day, Oliver finishes his best invention yet: A SubAtomic coffee machine that is to make the perfect coffee. But a problem emerged when the perfect coffee was so good it blew up the machine and ruptured timespace. Now, Oliver has to retrieve the pieces of his machine that are scattered through the multiverse. Follow Oliver in his adventure through the dimensions in search of the perfect coffee! Meet various worlds with incredible art, charismatic characters and challenging puzzles!

- Pixel-Art 2D Platformer

- Solve incredibly-challenging puzzles through various levels

- Explore the worlds to find extra puzzles and collectable coffee cups that unlock extras

- Four worlds with different themes and appearences.

- Find and chat with funny and charismatic characters through the worlds

- Marvelous music that blend in with the scenery and accompanies you through your journey

- Different camera related mechanics
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Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Great puzzle platformer. Kinda reminded me of FEZ -- the puzzles are challenging in a similar way, only needing perhaps a little more mechanical skill on the platformer side of things. I did find a couple of bugs with placing things and changing the dimensions, but none of these really impacted my gameplay, and I'm kinda always looking for this sort of thing in games I play.
Also, visually, the game is absolutely incredible. The pixel art and the effects used are all very high quality. Great game overall.

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