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Code Alkonost: Awakening of Evil

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Code Alkonost is a first-person story-rich, atmospheric survival horror adventure game inspired by Slavic mythology and the medieval era. Travel through a dark fantasy world and encounter the possessive spirits and illusions of the underworld. Experience authentic art style and stories never before seen in horror games.


Not all fairy tales have a happy ending

In ancient times, two armies clashed the Army of the Light the mage warriors, and the Spirits of the Nawia. After a long struggle, the leader of the army Steel remains to fight with his faithful people. However, they surrender to the goddess of the underworld in exchange for leaving the Jawia world alone. In exchange Nawia world took the souls of warriors together with the Army of the Light stronghold and erases the existence of the Army of Light Warriors from the Jawia, what remains is the legend of the epic battle between good and evil, passed down from generation to generation like a fairy tale, and the prophecy that the last warrior will decide the future of mankind, by choosing between light or dark.

Welcome to Dark Fantasy Slavic World

After many years, two twin sisters Sasha and Aleksandra set out to leave gifts in front of the idol of the Slavic god Perun, believing in gods would give them health and peace in the Jawia world. While Sasha is handing over food to the idol, Sister Aleksandra decides to become playful and hides from Sasha, which leads Sasha to the entrance to the Forbidden, a place where robbers are sent when they receive the death penalty, where it was believed that demons wander. After arriving at the Forbidden Forest, she hears her sister screaming, after which she decides to enter the forest, the entrance to the forest is closed and there is no way out for Sasha, the sunset has set. Enter the Slavic survival horror…

Sanity effect

The sanity effect can impact the game's overall audiovisual experience by adding tension and fear inside the game environment. It's a patented gameplay feature that will make you think outside the box. Optionally using PC external equipment it will make your gaming experience more immersive based on your emotions.

Travel from Jawia to Nawia

Exciting story-rich game inspired by Slavic mythology and culture. Dark fantasy books and comics heavily inspire the game story. Visit Slavic mythology versions of the human world and the underworld. Encounter mythological creatures, solve Slavic god's quests, and discover mysteries. Immerse yourself inside dynamic and atmospheric environments, and learn how to use Slavic witchcraft to protect yourself from enemies. Learn about game characters and solve puzzles to progress further.

You can't fight back

The game protagonist has no weapons or way to fight back. Instead, she needs to run and hide from creatures. The creatures will have several different personalities, so it is up to the player to decide how to deal with them to further progress through the game world. Are they friends or foes?

Real actors and photorealistic environments

The unique visual art style and scanned objects form an ethnographic museum and famous locations never seen in any game before. Scanned face models and voiceovers of real word actors that will provide a breathtaking cinematic experience developed using novel state-of-the-art technologies. Professional performers will provide voice-overs for video game creatures and create the feeling that someone is watching you.

The psychological horror story of maturity and progression

The game provides a different approach to depression and puberty inside a horror game with empathetic and flawed characters. The main protagonist is a young Slavic girl who discovers her abilities and life purpose during her journey. During her progress, Sasha will reach that point of maturity where her body is abruptly changing and she will develop the confidence to make her own decisions, and resist attempts by unwanted creatures to take her soul and control over her own body.

Authentic Slavic music

The game soundtrack consists of ethno and traditional Slavic folklore music but with a different arrangement. Music is accelerated in certain situations to make the player aware of approaching danger. Frightening music and sound effects will create contact tension inside dark forests and abended castles.

We are developing the game with possible integration for VR devices.

Purchase of this base game includes the first chapter. Further chapters are DLC.
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