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Experience the thrill and sensation of 4 unique roller coaster experiences. Feel the wind rush through your virtual hair as you ride some of the most enjoyable and immersive VR coasters on the market.

Journey into each each exceptional environment and enjoy extended coasters from a range of different perspectives. Get ready to swoop around asteroids in Space Coaster, fly with a bee’s eye view in Picnic Coaster, dive and loop around like never before in Room Coaster and explore a dystopian mining colony in Moon Coaster.

Sometimes intense, always exhilarating, check out Coaster now!
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Over all this is a good game however the game is limited what you can do which i expected for a roller coaster game, just sit and watch the view. The game provides a variety of locations to ride such as riding in space or the moon which is fab.
At first riding around sharp quick bends caused some notation sickness after a few times you get use to it and do not feel it at all .
For the price I say its no harm to buy even its get boring very quickly after a few minutes as theres not much to do bu sit and watch.

Review from Steam

its good my only down side is the cart has no floor in it ???
which is a lil off putting and I was hoping for an insane track
a lil like the old coaster simulator like you'd find in old arcades
6.5 / 10

Review from Steam

Quite appealing Coaster experience. Certainly worth the price. Better than others in a similar price range with really nice music as well. Was genuinely surprised how good it was, considering the level of dross available. Well done dev. Found myself really enjoying this. No regrets. If there would be one little suggestion I would say please include a 'quit' button as I couldnt find one!

Review from Steam

It's pretty much what you expect. For the price I'd recommend it. For full nausea play while standing up (I won't be held responsible for anything broken by people who lose their balance).
It seems like it will be one of those fun things to show relatives who have never used VR before.

Review from Steam

The Space ride is awesome. The other ones are nor bad except you can feel motion sickness at certain moments. Overall it´s pretty good...

Review from Steam

Puke simulator with good music. Thumbs up!

Review from Steam

Overall pretty good for the price.. i'd say the main space one is worth the cost alone.. Each one is a couple minutes long as they do loop around several times. The main space one and the moon were the best of the 4 to me. One complaint I have is they just sort of end mid track sort of jarring. I think would of been more fun to launch you off at the end sort of like what Ultimate Booster does ha:) oh I also didn't see anyway to reset my view either

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