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Closer Than You Know

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Closer Than You Know (CTYK) is a cozy, fresh take on the familiar point-and-click adventure games. Packed with story and puzzles, CTYK was specifically designed to be accessible to young kids who are ready for big-kid adventures while also being fun for fans of nostalgic point-and-click adventure games.

Young Sam has a spark of creativity burning inside her, but Granican law has deemed any such talents “dangerous” and “a threat to the Granican way of life.” While imprisoned for the crime of “invention” Sam breaks free and discovers the seed of an ancient magic that starts her on a quest to Earth where–with the help of a friendly Praying Mantis–she collects fragments of Hope to restore life to her home planet.

A young girl with the spark of hope! Headstrong, clever, and a little too curious for her own good, Sam is the hero of our story!

Behind every great hero is a great sidekick. Thoughtful, constructive, and kind, Mantis is a whole lot of wisdom in a bug-size package!

The mysterious former King of Granica, who after vanishing without a trace, has seemingly left his magic all over the world…

Collect Hope

See the wants and needs of those around you. Fulfill their wishes and gather Hope to take back home!

Explore Whimsical Worlds

From the lush tropical rainforest to the frigid arctic to an actual ant farm, your adventures will take you places you never dreamed!

Make Delightful New Friends

Strangers are just friends you haven’t met, and in CTYK you will make friends of everything from a bravely insecure capybara to an eccentric old scientist with an unusual power.


  • A delightful and heart-warming story from beginning to end
  • Fully voice acted
  • Over two dozen unique, hand-drawn and animated characters
  • A variety of fun and creative puzzles to solve
  • A stunning custom soundtrack
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