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Claws of Furry

Claws of Furry Screenshot 1
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Claws of Furry will see players scratching, back-flipping and all-round ass-kicking their way through fifty levels of beat’em up badassery in glorious martial arts fashion – all in the name of rescuing their master and sensei from the evil paws of an unknown boss. Made up of four distinct environments, including Slums, Sewers, Dog City and the Mansion, each complete with their own unique set of enemies, players can look forward to a new challenge with every new area they enter. This coupled with smooth, fast paced ninja-cat gameplay as well as multiple modes including Rogue-like and Arena, which can be played in both single player and cooperatively with up to 4 players, creates the purrfect recipe for the ultimate couch game with plenty of kick-ass replayability.

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