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City Climber

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City Climber is a silly physics-based game about a floppy ragdoll climber, who has to save the world. Find your way through diverse hand-crafted environments and enjoy funny challenges full of falling and destruction.Story Mode
  • Find your way through beautiful hand-crafted environments filled with various obstacles.
  • Unlock new customizations for your character.
  • Compare your level times with friends and other players through integrated Steam Leaderboards!
  • Enjoy 50 challenge levels where you can push your ragdoll character to its limits!
  • Roll down the stairs, jump from cranes, ride vehicles propelled by fire extinguishers and much more!
Local Co-Op - Two players
  • Play through the story with a friend and test your coordination.
  • Control a cubical robo-climber with differently colored arms.
  • Each player has control of only one arm!
Party Mode
  • Local turn-based multiplayer for up to 4 players.
  • Compete against each other in a set of randomly selected challenges!

- Support for Xbox controllers & controllers with an Xbox control scheme

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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

I've enjoyed my experience in this game thus far.
It reminds me a lot of I am Bread since they both are humorous game about traversing through an environment with a ragdoll-like protagonist.
It's a little more linear than I am Bread in the sense that there pretty much only one direction to go, but this allows the player to get into a groove where they can just move quickly across the map without having to stop and figure out where they're going.
The only game mechanic I have problems with is electricity. In one of the earlier levels there is a cut cable that will kill you if you touch it while it's sparking. I've found that it only kills you half the time and it seems to work at random. I'm not sure if that's because the game is in 2.5D and I just so happen to its side or what.
My only suggestion is that an option be added that lets you free both of your hands without losing. It would be fun to propel yourself upwards or catch yourself if you start to fall off of a tower.
I can tell the developer really cares about this game and isn't just some hack trying to make a quick buck. I look forward to future updates in the game, as well as future projects from the creator. I think you've really put your best foot forward with this game, great job.

Review from Steam

I first saw City Climber on 9gag many months ago. Upon rediscovering City Climber, I felt an overwhelming urge to play it and I’m pleased to say that I was not disappointed. Although the premise is simple, you can tell that a lot of care was put into the development of City Climber. I applaud SimpleGhost for creating such a great product despite having a small budget and working on it solo.
In City Climber, you essentially control the left and right arms of a ragdoll. With your infallible grip and gorilla-strength arms, you take on many challenges by doing what you do best – climbing. Unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to try the co-op mode, so this review will focus on single player.
Despite its simple gameplay, City Climber manages to keep the game fresh and exciting in numerous ways. Firstly, climbing doesn’t feel monotonous because each level has a theme and often comes with a new gimmick. Secondly, the use of camera angles and transitions made the gameplay feel more dynamic. There was one segment that I particularly enjoyed where the camera moves within an air vent, so you only see your character through the gratings. Finally, there are many props and small details (that you don’t even interact with) that make every map feel alive/complete.
Level design is note-worthy. I have no doubt that countless hours were put into the design and fine tuning of each and every map. I liked that important objects were often brightly coloured, so the player knows what they should aim for. However, it would have been nice if the levels were less linear. As far as I could tell, there was only one correct path you could take per map. In City Climber 2 (assuming SimpleGhost will make more), I would like to see more branching paths. It would also be great if the falling mechanism (letting go of both hands) was incorporated into the story mode somehow, and not just in the challenges.
The addition of a story was a nice touch (and quite humorous, I might add). I didn’t expect this from the trailer. I literally thought it would be a collection of random maps where you climb your way to the end. The story is simple and silly, but adds context to the madness.
The single player campaign is fairly short – perhaps 1-1.5 hours – but you completion time is recorded and placed on a leader board, which is perfect for the speed runners out there. There are also 5 different challenge modes (with 10 levels each) to keep you going.

Controls/grabbing can be a little finnicky. Sometimes it feels like there are magnets on your hands or that your arms are wet noodles (similar to Octodad). It can feel frustrating when you fail to grab something and end up losing, especially because you start from the beginning of the level. However, I really appreciated the addition of an audio cue (a short pop) when you grab onto something. This simple addition makes grabbing a lot clearer and the gameplay less frustrating.
There are a few glitches, as to be expected from a ragdoll game. When grabbing moving objects your body can sometimes warp or stretch unnaturally. There are also some situations where half of your body/arm phases through objects and leaves you stuck (especially in the “Broken Bones” level).
I really liked the camera angles used, but sometimes the transitions made it difficult to see where you are or what you should do.
The challenges, although great, felt more luck based than skill based, since you have no control over the ragdoll after you release your grip. Perhaps allow the player to control the arms while in freefall?
★★★✬☆ Pretty great
City Climber is a prime example of what one person can achieve. Simple, but well executed. SimpleGhost managed to create a great game by investing only time and hard work - you are a great inspiration for many aspiring game developers. I thoroughly enjoyed playing City Climber and look forward to trying co-op mode some time in the future.
If you enjoyed this review please follow me on my curator page and group. Your time and support is greatly appreciated!
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Review from Steam

I've just cracked the surface of the game and i already love it, I reccomend it. I'll list pros and cons.
-Easy controls, once you get used to it its real fun.
-Nice difficulty curve, Always hard, not super hard that it makes you rage, I have to say it enhances the experience.
-The ragdoll physics, It makes the game harder and more fun to see how much strange positons you can be.
-Pretty good graphics, on best it looks pretty epic, I haven't tried lower.
-Concept, on story you always have to have one hand on solid ground, If you let go, you lose.
-Grabbing, I had a few moments where I did grab something and then the game didn't recieve the grab and I lose.
-Tutorial, you have no idea where to go first, your kinda clueless untill you click the story button and play it.

Review from Steam

Do you get a laugh out of ragdoll physics? This game will make give you a lot of chuckles. Use a controller to move hands up, one at a time, toward hand-holds, but watch out for unstable boards, loose ladder rungs, and electric wires. The level designs in the campaign are funny, there are lots of extra levels, and the developer has a great sense of humor about the level design. It ran great on ubuntu linux 16.04 with radeon mesa drivers.
The developer recommends turning the control sensitivity to minimum. I agree. It can get frustrating to deal with the flailing arms, with little sense of control. You will need patience, but I recommend this game. Do not buy for co-op or team play, though. I also recommend the game Grow Home, that uses the same game mechanic.

Review from Steam

I discovered City Climber on Reddit's Game Deals. The developer posted the sale over there. After clicking through I discovered, to my surprise, a game that looked visually appealing and with a well-written 'About This Game' a game that looked to present a healthy challenge.
Without repeating Angelovic's own description, which is apt, the game requires you to use your left and right mouse buttons to grab onto the next ledge to safely navigate each level. This requires increasing amounts of coordination and skill; sometimes at a level that can draw frustration. As someone who uses a computer umpteen hours every day, this is a welcome challenge that put me in my place numerous times.
I am a fan of the different game modes that have been developed into the game. This provides significant amounts of content and is where the game represents value for its price. I can see enthusiasts of the game spending quite a few hours playing through all of the content and then logging even more with its local co-op and turn-based multiplayer modes. I have zero complaints for the single and multiplayer modes. You can even play the game via Steam's Remote Play Together mode so Angelovic has covered as many bases as possible.
The quality featured within the screenshots and the trailer featured on this page are consistent with the game's presentation. Personally, as I mentioned previously, I found the artistic presentation to be quite pleasing on the eye and I was hopeful going into the game that they would mirror with the gameplay. Thankfully, for the most part, they do. There are a few areas that could have been improved a little bit but on the whole, the game is definitely playable and the graphics are as visually appealing while playing as they are as screenshots.
Featurewise, the game has 23 achievements for you to successfully unlock, has Steam trading cards, but the most significant Steam feature for me are the online leaderboards. These types of games are always better when you can compare yourself to your friends and the best players in the world. Personally, I find that they're a gauge to see how skilful (or not) you are. At first, I thought that I was doing poorly but then I looked at my friends list and found that I was doing favourably in comparison and when those are players you respect the skill level of its a nice little confidence booster.
If you're reading this review during its sale period (ending on 20 January), the A$1.39 price is entirely worth it for an indie game that has been crafted with love and care. Angelovic has produced a title that he can be really proud of. It's made me download his other game on Steam, the narrative experience The Flood which is free and has a similarly striking visual appearance to this one. His next game ARTIFICIAL arrives later this year and I look forward to it.
Challenging gameplay
Visually appealing
Good amount of content
Singleplayer with local & remote play multiplayer
Well integrated Steam features (achievements, cards, leaderboards, remote play)
A couple of places where the backgrounds don't quite marry with the gameplay. Not a big deal as you can still complete the levels

Review from Steam

Seriously fun ragdoll physics. Falling, launching, climbing... It really does deserve more praise than it gets.

Review from Steam

Klettere hoch hinaus
Jeder startet mal irgendwo. Mit kleinen Griffen schleppst du dich eben noch über den Boden der Stadt und ehe du dich versiehst kletterst du durch eine Raumstation.

3- 4 Stunden
Vorhanden, aber eher nebensächlich.
Die Story wird in 14 Akte unterteilt, der Anfang wird der Spieler mit einem Tutorial eingeführt und anschließend beginnt die Story mit einer Rettung eines Tieres. Diese geht natürlich schief und das Männchen wird verhaftet. Dieses flüchtet darauf aus dem Gefängnis mithilfe seiner Kletterkünste. Die turbulente Flucht endet jedoch nach einer relativ kurzen Zeit. Das Männchen hat dennoch Glück im Unglück, denn die Polizei braucht seine Hilfe. Während der Arbeit für die Polizei deckt das Männchen ein Komplott gegen die Menschheit auf und muss dazu noch die Welt retten.
Nicht allzu ausgeschmückt aber reicht, sodass der Spieler diese verfolgt und das Gameplay einen Zusammenhang erhält.
Simple, trotzdem herausfordernd
Der Charakter bewegt sich mittels seiner Arme fort, diese werden mithilfe der Maus gesteuert. Der Wechsel zwischen den Armen geschieht mit den Maus-buttons. Sobald der Charakter mit keinem Arm an der Umgebung haftet ist das Story-Level gescheitert und muss neugestartet werden. Die Indikation ob ein Arm an der Umgebung haftet wird sowohl graphisch als auch akustisch bestätigt. Bei den Herausforderungen sieht es jedoch anders aus, diese haben jeweils unterschiedliche Bedingungen für das erfolgreiche Abschließen der Stage. Anders als durch die Grafik vermittelt kann der Spieler das Männchen nur um ein zweidimensional bewegen, nicht dreidimensional. Aber die Welt ist hingegen dreidimensional programmiert. Dies mit dem festen Blickwinkel auf die Stage steigert die Schwierigkeit. Grundsätzlich ist der Schwierigkeitsgrad der Story und der Herausforderungen moderat.
Dennoch können bestimmte Level frustrierend werden, wenn man z.B. in der Story versucht seine Bestzeit zu toppen, das letzte Achievment zu ergattern oder einfach gefühlt 5000 Versuche für eine Stage bei den Herausforderungen braucht, da die Physik dir immer einen Strich durch die Rechnung zieht. Diese ist in sich geschlossen zwar logisch und nachvollziehbar ulkig, aber natürlcih nicht übereinstimmend mit der realistischen Physik, führt ab und an zu ziemlich lustigen/interessanten Situationen.
Das Spiel läuft bis auf eine Ausnahme flüssig. Diese wäre wenn das Männchen sich mithilfe eines Objekts fortbewegt, dabei können diese ruckeln, während die Kamerafahrt gleichzeitig dennoch flüssig ist.
>> Multiplayer konnte ich leider nicht testen (kein zweiter Kontroller vorhanden) <<
Minimalistisch und doch hübsch
Die Grafik des Spiels ist ordentlich, aber bei weitem nicht besonders. Die Welt ist aus einfachen geometrischen Körpern aufgebaut, deren Flächen jeweils einzeln gefärbt wurden. Der Stil mag zwar einfach erscheinen doch sind dadurch hübsche Level entstanden, mit unerwartetem Detail.
Das Männchen lässt sich auch individualisieren, für den persönlichen Toutch. So kann zum einen die Farbe des Körpers eingestellt werden sowie die Kopfbedeckung ausgesucht werden. Einfach aber gut.
Schlicht dennoch wiedererkennbar
Ähnlich wie die Grafik wurde die Musik simpel gehalten. Die verwendete Musik besteht aus vielen einfachen Elektroelementen. Trotz des simplen Aufbaus der Musik besitzt diese einen Wiedererkennungswert und unterstützt das Spiel. Die Situationen werden dadurch auch gut untermalt.
Persönliches Fazit
Tolles Knobel-Spiel zum Überbrücken kleinerer Zeitintervalle
Für mich ist City Climber ein tolles Gelegenheitsspiel in dem man gut bis zu 20 Minuten totschlagen kann, während man auf Kollegen wartet. Vor allem die Herausforderungen regen zum mitdenken auf und erfordern alternativere Ansätze für den Erfolg. Jedoch würde ich es nicht für den Vollpreis erwerben.
Deswegen würde ich raten City Climber im Sale für paar Euro weniger zu ergattern.
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