Chicken Nuggets

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Adorable, Poofy, and ready to roll! Play as an adorable cast of baby chickens as they try to find their Mother Hen. Through physics puzzles, platforming challenges, and wild new environments, nothing will stop you!

Roll adorable chickens around to solve puzzles in a 3D platformer while finding your kidnapped mother hen! Your journey will take you away from the farm on a journey across the countryside.

In Chicken Nuggets you roll your way through intricate, hand-crafted levels. using a cast with all sizes and types of chickens (even your own chicken designs) you can play your way!

Return to the wonderful world of Roll A Ball games, taken to their true potential!

  • Roll A Ball platforming.
  • Physics-Based Puzzles.
  • Couch Coop.
  • 6+ Unique World Themes.
  • 50+ Mind-bending Levels.
  • Customize your Nugget to add personal flair
  • 6 Unlockable Chicken Nuggets.
  • A bunch Mini-Games including Track Racing, Jump N Glide, Chicken Take The Wheel, and more!
  • 3+ Hours of the heartwarming, nail-biting, puzzle-filled campaign.

Double M Digital started developing Chicken Nuggets in 2019, and is going into production in 2021. DMD plans to release Chicken Nuggets in 2022.

A game by Double M Digital Inc.

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