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About the Game

The Jury waiting for the dinner, and the clock is ticking. All players must be done their cooks before time run out. Here you have to work against your friends and cook well for the Jury requirements.

Chef Simulator lets you a multiplayer cooking experience with your friends up to 8 players. Be the master about 80 realistic cook recipes and experience realistic physics kitchen environment. Use the realistic kitchen tools. Play it your way – help your friends or even sabotage their plates! The game also gives you a sandbox cooking experience with wide ranged foods. You can play all the experiences with up to 8 friends in multiplayer mode or single player mode. If you want to have a relaxing chef experience, you can cook the most basic recipes, or if you want make some serious job there there are very complicated recipes waiting for you, but it doesn’t matter either way the things going will be the crazy and most probably foods are start gonna fly.

One of the players can be Jury. You can share tasks with your friends. While a friend taking care of dishes or cooking meats, others can set the table for the dinner.

There is totally 8 game modes available. Both competitive and co operative modes for all type of gamers or you current mood.

– The multiplayer co-op mode allows you to play in a team of up to 8 people to make play as Chefs. There is no specific role requirement within the team, but you are completely free to choose task sharing if needed.

– You can totally customize your personal avatar, including male and female avatars, using an incredibly detailed customization system even face details.

– There are so many activities available in the kitchen. You can apply different strategies here, steal other player props and throw away them!

– Full detailed kitchen available. The method you choose to make your cook totally depend on your creativity.

– Meats and steaks are valuable. You have to cook and prepare them without wasting them. Environmental conditions are steady but be careful about the other players!

– Blowtorch and fire extinguisher can be used actively.

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