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Follow the story of a young man returning home after years abroad, suddenly faced with the prospect of shouldering life-changing responsibility and stirring the embers of a repressed childhood love.

This sprawling tale will take you from the Boston suburbs to Russia, Sicily, Tunisia, and the fictional island nation of Tonalu, where you will cooperate (or compete) with your estranged sister to fulfill your parents' final wishes.

Against the backdrop of a looming lawsuit, a landmark medical breakthrough, and the sudden appearance of a beautiful and quirky investigative reporter with a keen interest in your family, you will make the choices and cultivate the relationships that will determine what kind of man you become...And what kind of woman you want by your side.

Experience an emotional adventure where choices matter, and branching paths lead to at least eight possible unique endings. And don't forget to enjoy the sexy company along the way!
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Game Discussion

Review by Anonymous
Review from Steam

Seriously, Its a great visual novel, def one of the best ones out there

Review from Steam

Man, i didnt think games of this genre could do better than Being a D..
I was so wrong. The writing and character building in this, is next lvl. I startet playing AVN when Being a D.. came out, i've tried several titles. The more i play, the more i find out how many incredible writers are out there.
This AVN is absolutely incredible, again, an AVN where you stick for the story.
Being a D.. might still be my favorite, maybe its because it was my first?
I cant explain how much i like this game.
All I can say is, if you like AVN's like Being a D.., Acting lessons, Leap of Faith and College kings, you will love this game.
The writing is fantastic, so mature and natural, the visuals are some of the best, if not the best. Emotions on characters almost perfect.
The only negative i have, is the music or lack of, this can be because of Being a D.. in which the music is some of the best i have ever listened too, so its not fair to compare.
Just completed the first 4 chapters, again a minus when it comes to AVN's, all the good ones are still being developed, damn.
Please support Stone Fox Studios on this, they really deserve it.
UPDATE now that episode 5 just came out.
It continues its high quality visuals and story telling, the humor is still spot on and now you begin to feel that something bad is about to happen.
I really enjoyed episode 5.

Review from Steam

Because Being a Dik was the first VN I've ever played, much less AVN, I don't think any VN I play would top that one, and since then I've played six. I can say resolutely that even with just 4 chapters out, Chasing Sunsets gives BaD a run for its money with me. The model textures are leaps ahead of BaD and the dialogue is neck and neck with theirs. The gameplay is what's hard to compare it to BaD in that the choice impacts are delivered differently enough that I can't really draw a solid parallel between them. There are three moments in-game that sold Chasing Sunsets as being at least my second favorite VN to date, but I won't spoil the game completely:
1) The Leap of Faith easter egg was an amazing surprise!
2) The dialogue in the creeper van between the MC, Lisa and Mallory had me rolling! lmao
3) The most impactful thing about this game was everything about Jaye. I'm completely stanning her right now and only Jill from BaD compares to this, it might even be worse than with Jill.
I very much look forward to future releases from Stone Fox, most importantly the coming chapters for this! You guys f*cking rock!

Review from Steam

This is not the kind of mindless porn game.
The story focus on the relationship between the MC and the 2 love interests.
Fairly light heart so far, so it's not the dark and depressing type.
It's the slow build up romance kind of game. If you're looking for a quick fap, then this is not for you.
The build up got a good pacing, very nice.
Too bad we have to wait for the full game.

Review from Steam

Finally I finished this game almost 13 hours chapter 1-5
My score 9/10
One of the best AVN what I have played
Deserve more attention
Good job Stone Fox Studios you are very talented
***Positive : (+)
1. Graphic (Very Fantastic render, this definition is for AVN Game Industry standard in 2022 for AAA game)✔️
2. Story ( Interesting plot, there is plot twist which I suspected too in early game "cause of accident" ) ✔️
3. Achievement (more than 100)✔️
4. Appreciate and give 100/100 for the costume/clothes girls, (you really made it with intention and effort and it paid off well the results, Every scene or chapter different clothes and detail which is awesome)✔️
5. Fiona scene little bit different, her pose so seductive and very tempting make sexual arousal seem tempestuous✔️
6. Girls very beautiful ✔️
7. Steam cloud support available ( because my recent crash PC, then I realize this feature its must and mandatory also carry all your save and gallery progress which is very important )✔️✔️✔️
***Negative : (-) hope will improve in the future : important to note ***
1. Animation so short and feels not smooth and unpolished ( I feel developer can make a lot of better than this)
2. Sounds / OST very good I like when into romantic scene, in few scene sometimes silent no music maybe bug or there was no sound at that time. I hope more music added in the future
3. I found Achievement issue, I got Achievement in game list but I didn't got Steam Achievement, there is 3/4 Achievement. I don't know maybe bug or sync error.
***Can't wait :
1. Next chapter absolutely ✔️
2. Steam Trading Card maybe soon updated in steam ✔️

Review from Steam

WOW...I'm kind of lost for words here, and that is a rarity for me.
I have to get a couple things out of the way before the review can begin in proper:
1.) Remember that thumbs-up, because the review will NOT start out sounding positive at all, but bear with me, I am going someplace with this.
2.) I'm a dick! So expect that to bleed through into my writing. (I'm also crazy and high so that will bleed through as well)
3.) This is the FIRST 'Early Access' product that I have EVER purchased. Either on console or PC, I've never been into supporting the development of a product with no clear completion window, so for better or worse, that experience will also find its way into this review.
4.) Even though I'm a dick, I will try to avoid spoilers as much as possible since this is an Early Access game and it just feels wrong to reveal the secrets before the game launches for real.
And on to the review:
When I first started 'Chasing Sunsets,' it was like the devs were challenging ME personally with the whole opening bit with them crowing about how AWESOME this story is. I spend 99% of my time reviewing AO rated games and screaming (virtually) at the devs for their shitty writing talents. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED STONE FOX STUDIOS! Let's see how you did, shall we?!?
Initially, I found the opening sequence heartwarming. The innocent love between children was sweet and touching. Not something usually found in porn games. But, spoiler alert, this isn't really a porn game. More on that later.
Within 20-30 minutes of the prologue's opening sequence, I HATED this fucking game so fucking much! I was in such a rage over the pathetic writing, and awful character development that I very nearly tore the PC from the desk and threw it against the wall. Two months ago, my XBOX flew across two rooms and buried itself in the drywall at the far end of the apartment, so it's easily within my rage factor to do these things.
I absolutely loathed BOTH the MC and Jaye. Would have gladly put a bullet in each of their heads just to avoid having to take the Tylenol for the headache they gave me. Once again, the MC in a VN seemed to just be a passive passenger to their own existence.
I also contemplated just deleting all saves, uninstalling, and refunding the product. But I was really furious, and wanted to pour the maximum amount of vitriol into my review of the product, so I decided to force myself to see this game all the way through to the end for no reason other than to be able to spoil the plot and savage the devs. (I'm not JUST a dick, I'm a petty one!)
And I soldiered on through the prologue. When I made it to Chapter 1 and met Rikki, EVERYTHING about this game started to shift for me. Suddenly there was a sweet girl to take my mind off of the awful character that was Jaye. And the MC started to get some control over his own life. As the story started to be told in earnest, and there was no sign of that cunt called Jaye, I finally started to settle down and enjoy what was taking place on screen.
When I got to Chapter 2, and met Mallory, I was immediately smitten with her cute little self. It was about then that it dawned on me that my visceral reaction to the prologue had WAY MORE to do with the fact that, irl, I would rather empty a clip, reload, and empty a second clip into my sister than to speak with her, than it had to do with anything the devs wrote. I am just hardwired to HATE a bitchy little teenage cunt. Well, there is a certain type of bitchy teenager that ain't too bad, but for all intents and purposes, my point stands.
By the time I got to Chapter 3, I was thoroughly enjoying the main character, and curiously invested in the story. And when I went to save where the screen just said "Chapter 3" it THEN dawned on me that this is an early access title, and there are only 6 out of 10 (0-5 for some reason) chapters released, and there was no way in hell that I was going to see this story pay off anytime soon. In fact, the devs had planned the release of chapter 6 for April 2022, and the latest update on that (July '22) says that it is only half finished meaning that it won't be ready until spring 2023 at the earliest (probably).
That thought left me somewhat anxious and sad. It was then that I realized that for the first time since I pre-ordered Mass Effect 3 in 2009, I am genuinely HYPED for the next release. Even if it is only the next chapter of an episodic.
With Chapter 3 came the reintroduction of Jaye, and the potential to completely disrupt the story, and ruin my goodwill towards the game again. When she stepped out of the helicopter and I was presented with my first choice of how I would proceed, it literally took me 5 minutes of staring at those choices while I thought about how I would handle her. My decision was that I would seduce her, and humiliate her, then dump her for Mallory in the end.
Unfortunately for me, I found a much nicer Jaye. And as I was seducing her throughout the rest of the game, the game was seducing me with a kind girl with conflicting emotions, and a surprising amount of vulnerability. And I was no longer sure which of the girls I wanted the MC to end up with. Mallory's a lot of fun, but you spend so much more time with Jaye, it's really hard not to become emotionally invested in her well being.
As I played my way across chapters 3&4, I found myself more and more often staring at the choices made with Mallory for a long time while I tried to figure out whether or not I should just shut things down with her, and focus solely on Jaye. In the end, I didn't. Monogamous runs in these types of games are usually boring, so I went the slut route instead.
When I got to Chapter 5, it was bittersweet. On the one hand, I was/am totally invested in the story and the characters. On the other, I probably have 8-10 months of waiting for the next installment. But, I say to the devs DON'T FUCK THIS UP!!! DO IT RIGHT...NOT FAST!!!
Here's the fucked up paradox of this review:
'Fetish Locator' is still my favorite AO IP. It is the PERFECT porn franchise. A dumb story that is hilarious, and nasty, kinky fuck scenes every 10 minutes. 'Chasing Sunsets,' on the other hand, isn't really a porn game. Yeah, there are graphic sex scenes in it, but this is a STORY driven game, with pseudo-incestuous romantic possibilities. And as such, this has jumped up to a very close second place as far as "porn" games go.
The overwhelming majority of the reviews I have done on this genre spend all the time screaming about the pathetic story. My usual complaint is that the writer of the story isn't coherent enough to plan out a grand adventure in between the fuck scenes. This game is giving me a grand adventure with a few sex scenes as a reward along the way. I still think that MOST (almost all) porn games would be much better off if they just stole the plot of a porno from the 1970's or 1980's and turned it into a game without all that pubic hair!
Yet, 'Chasing Sunsets' has given me a competent story, quality sex scenes, and a grand adventure. No, it wouldn't be an Oscar worthy movie. But it is fun, and sweet, and emotional on occasion. It's not super deep, but there are character arcs, and growth. And while the plot is somewhat ridiculous, it never really breaks immersion by going so far that I couldn't suspend belief any longer. And, as for the continuity errors, and stuff like that, it's so few and far between that they aren't even worth pointing out.
Congratulations, Stone Fox Studios, you subverted my expectations in the best way possible. I went from hating your game, and by extension you, to respecting your story-telling abilities and your artistic talent in the space of 3 hours. Over the 11 or 12 hours that I've played, I've absolutely fallen in love with your creation.
If that's not worthy of a thumbs-up, I don't know what is.

Review from Steam

Too Long Didn't Read Version
✔Yes, at list price, on sale, or part of a bundle
Visual Novel Type
Solo Female✔, Oral✔, Vaginal✔, Watersports✔
Hours of Gameplay
Eight to ten hours
Music and sound effects
Art Style
3D Model
None encountered
Only to get the Achievements - Only to get the different endings
Multiple Monitors
Stays up with audio when not in game. Cursor not locked to window.
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Chasing Sunsets is an adventure visual novel.
You, name customizable, live with your mother (Sarah), step-father (James) and step-sister (Jayne). Your mother is a research who's claim to fame was being on the team that discovered a revolutionary fertility treatment. After graduation you leave home and wander the world to find yourself. You have to come home due to a family tragedy.
The game covers scenes from when you were growing up, distant past, recent past, and current. This allows you to get a much better feeling for the characters. There are about 60 choices to make during the course of the game, or at least the playthrough I did. Some have a large impact on the story, others not so much. There are a few where you will eventually go through all the available conversation choices.
There are a number of different women you interact with. Though some are minor characters, at least as far as the story goes right now. How you interact with the women will affect the choices available to you when you play.
The story is good in that it is about real life, not everything is peachy keen. I didn't notice any glaring typos or other issues with the text.
After one play through I unlocked about half of the achievements. There are currently nine scenes and a dozen photos to unlock.
The Gallery
There are currently nine scenes in the Scenes Gallery which allow you to replay the scenes you've already seen in the game. There are a dozen pictures that you can review after you've seen them in the game.
Final Verdict
I recommend this game. The story is very good and the images are beautiful.
System Specs
Intel i7-8086K Coffee Lake 6-Core 4.00GHz CPU
Crucial Ballistix Sport AT 2666 MHz DDR4 RAM (16GB x 2)
ASUS GeForce RTX 2080 Overclocked 8G GDDR6
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