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Come participate at ChaseTag ! A tag competition where athletes are candy !

Catch me if you can !

ChaseTag is a game where you have to catch your opponent before the end of the timer. Like in game of tag! Use the platforms, trampoline and ramps to surprise your rival and crush him ! Be reactive and trick your opponent to gain the advantage.

Stay focused !

You are in an arena where things can get out of control… You’ll have to adapt quickly to different events ! Even though ChaseTag looks cute and is easy to learn, you’ll have to earn the win !

How to play ?

It’s really easy, like trying to be a ninja. It’s all about moving. A couple of jumps and slides and you’re ready to go !

Keep things cool !

We give you 5 maps with uniques mechanics and 4 game modes !

  • You like 1 versus 1 but you’d rather win againt more players ?

We got you !

  • You’d like to throw balloons on your opponents to steal the crown ?

You can !

Thanks to the different game modes you’ll never get bored of ChaseTag. Everything is configurable so you can make your games unique !

Fashionista !

Switch characters whenever you want and get yourself a wardrobe worthy of the biggest stars! Lots of accessories are available to be the most stylish in the arena !


Have you seen how cute the characters are ?

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