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“Charming Hearts” is a real-life interactive dating game. Players will experience panoramic love affairs with a variety of charming and diverse women from both sweet and salty, innocent to sensual perspectives.

Will it be love at first sight or the gradual development of affection over time? Will you feel tender affection for the adorable “her” or lean in close to the dominant “her”? Whether immersed in the gentle and intelligent whispers during handholding afternoons or lost in adventurous midnight escapades with a blushing and throbbing heart, players will meet, understand, and fall in love with women of different personalities, experiencing countless possibilities and facets of love.

Each choice leads to a different chemical reaction with “her,” and every dilemma entwines the honey-like love in a captivating dance. The palpitations and excitement with them, like an endless waltz, carry an extremely soft tenderness, yet why does it come with a hint of bitterness?

—— Can an ordinary person like me also experience the blossoming of love someday?

—— Which flower of that flourishing tree will you pick?

Is it the outwardly restrained and solemn, yet internally fiery and sexy widow?

Is it the top idol star who attracts the love of many but favors only you?

Is it the seemingly domineering and proud, yet actually gentle and considerate earthly beauty?

Is it the pure and considerate, occasionally quirky, double-faced sweet girl?

Is it the intellectually charming goddess with a shared understanding and spiritual connection?

Or is it the campus moonlight, gentle like spring breeze, melancholic like spring rain?

Various beautiful women take turns to make their appearances, and you, in front of the screen, come and join this exhilarating love affair!

Product Features

■ Breathable Love Experience

“The Heartbeat of Them” adopts a first-person real-life filming approach to create a realistic and immersive romantic atmosphere, allowing players to fully experience a love story with a sense of breath.

■ Solid and Entertaining Plot, Diverse and Unconventional Storylines

Professional writers ensure smooth and cohesive storylines, avoiding fragmentation. The plot is rich in substance, with complex branching and multiple endings, providing players with a variety of choices and hidden storylines to unlock.

■ Real-life Filming, Upgraded Scenes

Professionally acted by actors, every expression and smile directly touches the player’s heart. The richness of scenes is significantly enhanced compared to similar products, carefully selected and avoiding clichés, aiming to immerse players in a refined and romantic atmosphere.

■ Varied Gameplay, Higher Freedom, Extended Playtime

In addition to regular gameplay, this game introduces more interactive elements, providing innovative gaming experiences and complex plots. The combination of rich exploration and detailed character development enhances the player’s immersive experience.

■ Diverse Personalities Without Labeling

Regardless of the personalities of the six girls, there is space for exploration and reversal. Each step of deepening understanding leads to unexpected developments, enriching character layers and providing a genuine sense of love.

■ Developer’s Words

Dang~Dang! This is Kunyu Technology, a group of middle-aged men and gentlemen born in the 1990s and 1980s who have little love experience and have not much hair. They are so tired of playing games and really want to have a sweet relationship. With this idea in mind, we have launched a side quest called “Together with our current friends, give benefits to the player master”.

“Let’s create a real-life dating game that makes people’s hearts flutter together!” This was a simple idea that brought together three teams with expertise in different fields: Yiran Films, Juhuo Culture, and Kunyu Technology.

Yiran Films, the initiator of this collision, provided the original creative seed and is responsible for the visual presentation of the game. Despite being a well-established film company, Yiran has a strong internal gaming gene – a veteran otaku director, a producer with a game major in college, and a producer who enthusiastically explores various games. This creative endeavor finally allows these “misguided” filmmakers to return to the right path and release their long-held passion!

Juhuo Culture is responsible for character design and story writing. After years of deep involvement in traditional film and television, they eagerly anticipated the opportunity to dance closely with the gaming industry, and fortunately, “The Heartbeat of Them” came along. With absolute sincerity, Juhuo participated in the content creation of the game, believing that the desire for good content shines brightly across any medium. They also hope that the emotional resonance from Juhuo can resonate with users.

Our team is “complicated,” with straight men, straight women, and sexual minorities. However, our confusion about love is surprisingly similar. We talk about the wonderful experiences of love like a virus – chaotic, sweet, impactful, yet filled with the bitterness of regret. No one can explain or even understand the confusion itself.

In the end, we chose to capture the beautiful side of love, gathering those heart-pounding moments. When you open it, you can be a blank canvas or silently recite a name in your heart (we won’t stop you from reciting a hundred names), then embark on a journey. If you can immerse yourself in it, it would be our great honor. If you’re facing challenges in real-life relationships, we hope this game can briefly rekindle your courage in love.

Consider this a “love letter” dedicated to love itself. We write it for those falling in love or peering from the shore, for those throwing stones at themselves in love, for those unable to send letters, and for those not receiving replies.

Remember, love allows us to imagine beyond destiny. We can mock the naivety of such thoughts, but don’t give up on sending waves of love to the world – biu~

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