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Chaos Party

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Chaos Party is a fast-paced, friendship destroying party shooter set in a 2D universe.

Each game provides a new opportunity to try synergies with over a hundred weapons.

Should your overlord get lasered, missiled, or tossed into a black hole.

You still might have eight rounds to return the favour.

Chaos Party can be played solo or with up to 3 more players for even more clutch moments.


Play with friends

Online or offline, Chaos Party supports up to 4 players in a party.

And fight to the last one standing.

Unique gameplay

You are the equipment slot; Remnants will cling onto your sticky body.

Your weapon is your shield; Your shield is still a shield.

Endless combinations

With over a hundred remnants and endless ways to stick,

you must find a synergy for every different game.

Story Crumbles

Each new Remnants you collect will show up in the gallery, with a piece of the story.

Collect all the remnants to find out the true tale behind the Chaos Party.

There are also unique player character appearances to unlock with your game progress.

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